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How To Dance And Thrill Like Michael Jackson-Learn The MJ Dance Moves

Updated on October 21, 2010


Michael Jackson,the KING of POP

Michael Jackson was all set for the London tour,"THIS IS IT", for which auditions were conducted with people streaming in from all parts of the globe to try their luck at being chosen to dance alongside Jackson,their legendary hero.

The king of pop died and their hopes of dancing on stage in the limelight crashed. Many had practiced their legendary icon's moves to perfection. They were an extension of their hero on stage and were looking forward to dancing with him and expectantly waiting to feel the magic of the moment. And to treasure in their hearts that euphoria for posterity.

People-celebrities and others-all Jackson lovers were shocked,and express their grief. Glowing tributes are being paid to the memory of a great human being whose only crime was to love-animals,children and people from all parts of the world. Music and dance were his passion!Through which he connected with people.

Questions will continue to be raised on his death in spite of 2 autopsies. That of his Neverland Ranch,his children,his lavish spending,his debts,the colour of his skin turning black to white,his lawsuits,his will,......

MJ Speaks To Fans For The Last Time

Michael's Last Rehearsal The Day Before He Died

So You Want To Dance Like Michael

Everybody loves Michael! All ages loved his music! And of course his dance moves!

The moonwalk became his famous trademark dance move. And old and young tried to emulate him. Not many were as fluid in their moves. And most gave up after trying. Some of course opened up dance schools to teach he Michael Jackson dance moves. Anthony King is one such talented dancer who specialises in teaching the Michael Jackson dance moves.

Some of his videos are here for you to enjoy learning from.Take necessary precautions before beginning,such as wearing the right kind of shoes and socks,comfortable clothing and make sure you have plenty of free space around you to practice.

So now with pleasure and as a tribute to the legendary icon,Michael Jackson,you can thrill others with your dance moves. GOOD LUCK!!!

Of The Following Michael Jackson's Songs,Which Do You Love?

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    • pratoocool profile image

      Neha 6 years ago

      Michel Jackson is my all time favorite. I really like the hub.

    • ameliejan profile image

      ameliejan 6 years ago from Alicante, Spain

      I don't believe, even with your help, I could ever dance like Michael Jackson. But I had fun reading this!

    • profile image

      susmitha 7 years ago

      I am the big fan of michael jackson he is super .

    • profile image

      bob 8 years ago

      michael jackson was the BOMB and his dance movies clearly reflect that as well!!!

    • Purple Perl profile image

      Purple Perl 8 years ago from Bangalore,India

      Many thanks,Lady_E.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      Love it. What a talented guy. You have some very interesting Hub titles - I'll be back to read them later. (Its about 1am on my side of the planet). Regards, E.