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Learn How To To Sing - 5 Singing Tips To Show Off Your Pipes

Updated on February 2, 2015

Susan's first time singing for an audience.


Have You Always Wanted Singing Lesson?

I once saw an interview with Patti Labelle. She was telling the world that she knows that anyone with a voice can sing with training. I was certainly excited to hear the singing diva herself attest to regular people being able to sing.

This made me feel like I had a chance, at least to be able to sing in front of a small group or family members without totally scaring them.

I ventured further to see how this phenomenon can happen for regular folks like me, after all there are plenty of people making millions singing that we have said on occasion that we could do better or " why are they a singer". Well if singing has been a passion to you like apparently it has for million of others (Star Search or America Go Talent); I say go for it.

We can make our own dreams come true in our lifetime on a large or small platform by taking the necessary steps to train and control our singing voices however strange they may seem to us. Just think of those that already sing with big voices and talk with small voices.

You may be surprised what will come out of your mouth with training and practice. You might just be the next diamond, but you will never know until you fire up the coal!

How can singing lessons help me?

Through proper voice training you can learn to breath and control your vocal cords and impress your friends and family with a more powerful and controlled singing voice.

  • Master your voice
  • Develop your voice type and style
  • Improve timing and vocal strength

You can learn how to sing or learn how to improve your singing voice with instruction. You will start where you are currently. There are singing techniques like vocal warm up exercises that can show you how to sing without ruining your voice and possibly a future opportunity.

I keep stressing about warm up exercises because singing for real can be rough on your vocal chords and if you are serious about learning how to sing you will be putting more stress on your vocal chords than ever before. If you are using your voice as an instrument you must learn how to care for it and prevent injury.

How To Choose A Vocal Coach

Finding a vocal coach is not hard but like most things ask for referrals and look at their past track record. A good coach will find out what you want and give you what you need. Most vocal coaches help those in certain genres improve their craft and singing teacher teach new students to hold notes and control their voices starting from the basics.

This might not seem like fun at first but trust your singing instructor. Most are classically trained and may have your practicing music you don't plan to sing. Relax and enjoy the process as you learn and develop you can change your instructors.

5 Singing Tips For Newbie Singers

  1. Finding your range. Knowing how low or high you can hold a note is your range. You can practice with songs you like to figure this out.
  2. Practice singing songs that are in your range while following instructions from online vocal coach.
  3. Vocal warm-up exercises are to be done everyday to strengthen your voice and help your hold notes..
  4. Presentation - Study how artist you admire present themselves on stage and mimic them.
  5. Record yourself and play back to see how you look to others and improve your weaknesses.

The ability to control your breath will take your voice to such levels that even you will be amazed. Can you say Patti Labelle?!

There are many breathing techniques that will have you feeling awkward but is well worth your ego to do. Don't let embarrassment stop you from becoming your best. I took some singing lessons years ago and I can tell you that it can seem quite ridiculous at times but I certainly noticed some positive changes (another story).

Once you learn these different singing techniques you will swear by them to take your voice to new levels or maintain the level of singing like top entertainers have been doing for years. Below is a great vocal warm up exercise that you can learn to do everyday.

No Singing Lessons Just Desire and Passion. This will blow you away!

Singing Lessons: Warm Up Exercise - Lesson 1

Warm Up Exercise - Lesson 2

How Much Are Singing Lessons

  • (FREE)
  • Library singing courses and books. (FREE)
  • Join your school/church choir. (FREE)
  • $$ DVD singing sets. Pays for it's self.$29.00 - $399 up
  • $$$ Live singing lessons. $20 to $75 per 30/60 minutes

There are many that pay hundreds or thousands for their hobby. Investing in yourself is a no brainer if you can afford it whether in time or money. You are worth it makes you happy.

With your new singing lessons you will see the changes in your voice right away; whether good or strange. When something is new we are challenged for the better. Practice everyday and see for yourself what you can achieve.

You may force yourself to do more from singing at parties to hitting up the karaoke clubs. You never know someone may offer you money too sing at their event.

We all have to start somewhere. Find your range, learn how to exercise and prepare your voice than practice till the cows come home. You don't know where this journey will bring you.

I am already very excited for you. If singing is your real passion don't give up, even if you are just singing in your shower for starters. Don't you deserve to see what your own voice is really capable of and possibly share it with others?

Learning to sing can be a lifetime dream or a private passion. Learning to sing may be what makes your life make since. It doesn't matter your age or financial status today we have more options than ever before to make our dreams come true. Don't stop until you achieve yours.


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    • Learnhowtosingapp profile image

      Learnhowtosingapp 4 years ago from London

      Thanks very much for nice tips. I will try them out...

    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 4 years ago

      Sorry to just responding Isabell. Every comment is important. Good Luck you can do this!

    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 7 years ago

      Your absolutely right, many strained voices are due to not properly singing and warming up.Thanks for your comment Nell!

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 7 years ago from England

      Hi, great ideas, I know you can damage your voice if you don't train it properly, thanks for the great info, cheers nell