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How To Find Great New Music

Updated on May 27, 2013

Sometimes there seems to be music everywhere and you can't escape it. This could be good but when you've heard the same song over and over again it could be a little annoying. Musicians even tend to get tired of their own music after hearing it 40 million times. Or you could just be looking to add some new music in your rotation and looking for some new musicians to gig with. Here are a few ways to dig them out!

1. Check Similar Artists Online

Since you're hear you have already started one way, check out who and what you find online. Online is probably the easiest way to find new music because there is so much available now. The only trouble you'll get into is finding a type of music that you are looking for. One method I would suggest you use is look up musicians that you already like and see who they work with. Find out who their producer(s) are and who else they have produced for, who they have gigged with in the past or who is featured on their projects.

A ton of artists who have songs you like will likely have worked with some of the same producers and musicians so it's sort of like playing csi, find the missing links. Facebook is great for that with it's fanpage like feature. Another good sight is Artists will have recommendations of other musicians they will as well as musicians and singers that they sound like on their profiles.

2. Go On Time To Shows and Stick Around

A lot of times you may go to a show to see one specific performer that you like then leave when they finish. Try heading to your favorite musicians next show early or staying a little bit later and check out the other musicians performing. These artists made it on the same bill as your favorite so they should compliment what you like about who you went to see, plus it will cost you nothing extra!

Try a monthly show like this one I sing at in Harlem, NYC. There are normally a few musicians of similar styles that work well together. Shows like this allow you to see talent that is more refined then an open mic but not break the bank like a major recording artist or band backed by a major record label. They may even do snippets of well known songs you already like or you may have never heard of before and will instantly like upon hearing it.

The extra plus with going to smaller well put together shows like the one above is that you'll get a chance to talk to the musicians before or after their set and ask them about their music and the other musicians they work with. If you like them you can see when will be the next time they perform and who they will be with. You might stumble upon the next best thing!

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If you are looking for musicians to gig with, often times the musicians at these shows are open or looking to do more performances and you could just find your musical match made in heaven. If not, they may be able to direct you to just what or who you need. Just last week I met a talented young lady looking to book some more gigs and was able to talk with her and give her some more leads that would work specifically for her music. I was only able to do this because of the connections I had already made with my music, with my band and on my own.

3. Check Your Friends iPod

I get to hear a ton of good music because I sing, I do covers for fun, I am in a band and I have my own material that I write, co-write and co - executive produce. The flip side to this is I sometimes get lost in my work and have to seek out new music. I get better at it all the time and another trick that has always worked for me is finding out what my friends, co-workers and others around me are listening to.

Bands and producers are usually really great resources for this. I exchange information on new music with them all the time, during rehearsals, between breaks at shows, in our car rides. The same is true with my friends and family. Chances are high that if you are riding with someone, they are going to play music around you that you may not have otherwise heard or maybe just not have heard yet. They might be the one to tell you about the new Kendrick Lamar or Bruno Mars song or another musician all together.

4. Check Out Covers On Youtube

Youtube is in a category all on it's own; it's like google for music. Here is where it gets really fun and you can easily lose track of time. The next time you go on youtube search for your favorite song of this year, last year or whenever and add the word "cover" and I guarantee you will have shown yourself a world of musicians with extraordinary talents! I am often amazed and inspired by some of the other musicians that have covers on youtube.

Some musicians have even stumbled across my work before because of covers. I did a collaboration with one of them, others I have already connected with or would work with if I had the chance, but I digress.

A lot of these musicians have their own original music outside of the covers they do. Once you see their covers and decide if you like how they recreated them or even sang them well the way they originally were made check out their youtube channel. Chances are that they will either have their music up their as well or a link to their website, iTunes, Soundcloud or somewhere else to listen to and purchase their music.

Sometimes they will even have music free and if not, they will likely at least have those covers you liked available and information on when and where they perform so you can experience them live.

Just like that, viola! You have just stumbled across, dug out and found some new great music from new or old musicians. Either way, your search will undoubtedly have been eventful and fun and you'll probably have gotten more out of the search than you expected.


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    • msLarayne profile image

      msLarayne 4 years ago from New York, NY

      Kevina ....I forget about soundtracks sometimes! They are not pushed in the industry and markets the way they were 10-15 years ago but yes, that's a good way too.

    • Kevina Oyatedor profile image

      kevina oyatedor 4 years ago

      Great hub. Youtube, similar artists and a friend's soundtrack is what I do when finding new music. TV and movie soundtracks are also good to find new music.

    • msLarayne profile image

      msLarayne 4 years ago from New York, NY

      LailaK I'm glad I can be of service to you! lol

    • LailaK profile image

      LailaK 4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      I enjoy checking covers on youtube! That was a helpful hub. I will definately consider shuffling through a friend's iPod! Thanks for the ideas and voted up!