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How To Find Out What Celebrities Are Doing

Updated on September 6, 2014

Tips on Finding Celebrity Gossip

I am going to share with you some secrets on the best places to find information about your favorite famous celebrities.

I have spend several years learning these tactics and so you will not find this information anywhere else on the web.

Your are probably wondering why I am giving these tips away for free. To be honest it was a hard choice but I decided.

Since I am an expert in celebrity news I would share my knowledge for those who are looking to stay up to date on the latest trends and sightings.

How I use MTV to find out what Celebrities are doing every minute

The first advice I can give is to tell you the most popular site that has every single important person that you want to know on it.

MTV is a music television network that has plenty of things to help you know what to wear, what to buy and where to go so you can look like your favorite celebrity.

What would we do without celebrities, who would we be without them, it can be a difficult road without the constant breaking entertainment news, photos, fashion, music,and film found on MTV.

This is where you will see the top 10 Hot Videos listed. Other neat features are ringtones, movie trailers, top artists and access to internet radio shows.

MTV has full episodes with a list of their popular television shows.

My favorite show for now is "The Real World Las Vegas" maybe because it is usually so realistic and full of drama.

Public Domain Images
Public Domain Images

How to understand what is on the MTV Celebrity Webpage

Step One: go to the website and take a look at the first page of the site

Step Three: read the headings to get an idea of what the latest live performance, concerts and television shows are on.

Step Four: you may want to take notes and write down what you are seeing, it could come in handy in the future.

Step Five: learn how to navigate the homepage for the greatest up to date information.

Now as you start to scan the page you will see a big photo slide of celebrities these are usually the feature stories.

To the right of the screen is usually some type of advertisement for gum or an energy drink. Underneath that you can follow MTV on twitter, facebook or signup for a news updates in your email box.

The daily fresh is the section that has live feeds that are posted by the hour, this is probably going to be the most important section for you to look at.

One of my favorite things to do on the MTV website is browse music videos so you will see that on the right of the page.

Get experience with gathering information from a central location first

So now you know how to find stuff about celebrities, I would say this is probably going to be your best place to start and once you get more advanced then you can learn other places to keep up with fashionable people as they happen minute by minute.

The worst thing you could let happen is to fall behind on what is going on with celebrity lives, fans want to know what they are doing at all hours of the day and I would recommend MTV as a good place to get your feet wet.

Celebrity News Feed

You can also subscribe to your favorite news sites that cover what is happening each day. Huffington Post is one of those places that carries articles and stories that you can read quickly and keep up on the trends going on with your favorite actresses, pop stars and performers.

Its funny how many people say they are sick of hearing who is getting married or who is breaking up with the many celebrities today. but they are just addicted to the information and want to know more even if it is fabricated.


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      foxygem 6 years ago

      Great hub :) x

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      winbo 6 years ago

      interesting hub.. Like it