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How To Find Rare Soul Music Concert Videos

Updated on August 4, 2011

Finding Rare Soul Music Video Concerts

Can,t find your favorite R&B soul stars on video? Looking for live unreleased video concerts? Then you are not alone; There are many fans clamoring for video concerts from the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s by their favorite artists.

Unfortunately except for "oldies shows", it is very hard to find concert footage of many artists in their prime, either upcoming, or at the height of their career. Many shows simply are not available at the local music or video store.

I started inquiring about obtaining music video a few years before the internet boom hit. I wrote letters to my favorite artists, management agencies, hoping to get information. I would regularly browse video stores such as BLOCKBUSTER and smaller mom and pop stores as well in search of my proving to be elusive quarry.

It became daunting at times as I was told, "its not commercial available", or "you won’t find it anywhere". I just became more and more determined to find what I was looking for, no matter what it took. A turning point came when one day I ran across two magazines that really changed thing around for me!

"GUITAR " AND "DISCOVERIES" magazines, I found out as I browsed through, had ads devoted to rare music concert video. My EUREKA moment had arrived! It didn’t matter much to me that some of the footage was not A-1 quality, just the fact that I finally began to accomplish my goal of building my video collection was enough for me.

Fast-forward 20+ years later; I have quite an extensive collection of rare music concerts and clips that I am very proud of and enjoy showing off. Things have changed from so long ago with the DVD market and home theater. Each year there are many new music video releases that hit the market consisting of early footage and classic shows, with digitally remastered picture and sound.

So if you want to look for video of your favorite artist or group and stymied as how to go about it, here’s some tips you can use to help find rare music videos:

Step 1: There are many websites that are devoted to rare music video that are not commercially available such as;

www.Midnight To Six.rare
www.Dvds To

These are just a few of many websites that have not only rare concert footage but TV appearances, and early music compilations. Many CD and vinyl websites also offer rare music video and film footage.

Step 2. Check out online auction sites such as, Craigslist, and Ebay. Check your local paper for upcoming soul music "oldies" and entertainment shows Many have music video memorabilia for sale.

Step 3. Yard sales are sometimes a good source for finding that rare video you are looking for as well as independent record stores. Even storage auctions, although a long shot, can yield a treasure trove for the video collector.

One way to bypass spending your hard earned money on a storage auction (unless you know it contains what you are looking for) is to get to know some of the winning auction bidders. Some make a living out of reselling the storage contents and can notify you if they find any video tape or DVD.

Step 4. A lot of music video footage is available for viewing on YouTube and there are also music message boards frequented by private collectors and fans that are willing to trade tapes and DVDS. But if a video is commercially available, purchase it outright to help support the artists whose music we love so much. Also try contact the record company to see if it is available.

Chances are they can let you know where certain rare video can be obtained. Case in point; R&B star Millie Jackson’s website, has a store where you can purchase "Millie Jackson Live at the Junction" as well as her filmed stage play, "Older Woman, Younger Man".

"Millie Jackson Live At The Apollo, Theatre 1990" is a very rare (and bawdy!) concert that is NOT for church folk! It,s Millie at her best as she tears down the famed Apollo roof as the audience roars with approval!

So try the methods above if you are serious, or just looking for that one rare show.
I guarantee sooner or later you will find it. Best of luck!

The Godfather Of Soul


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