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How To Get Into Modeling Without Going Broke-Lifestyle Modeling

Updated on March 1, 2016

Model Video Lessons

Use link in article to find correct page to video training.
Use link in article to find correct page to video training. | Source

Lifestyle Modeling Industry

Learn how to be a model without losing your shirt. So you want to be the next top model! Modeling is still one of the most lucrative, glamorous, and rewarding jobs in the entertainment field.It is also a very wide array of positions that have nothing to do with actual modeling.

Lifestyle modeling (LSM) is very lucrative and has an endless supplies of opportunity. The lifestyle category is everything a runway and fashion model is not. LSMs are all shapes,weights and heights. They are indemand in the areas of:

  • commercials
  • extras
  • sitcoms
  • game shows
  • talent shows
  • singing shows
  • dance shows
  • cooking shows
  • senior citizens
  • short people
  • bum on bench

Remember as a child you wanted to be a princess or fireman then upgraded into a model? This has happened to millions of people and this trend continues to go on. Live your dream. Lifestyle modeling is an option if your serious.

Pursuing this field can end up costing you a pretty penny if you get caught up with the wrong modeling agency. Getting into modeling does not have to be a nightmare if prepared.

Of course there are some expenses you will have to absorb if you want to become a model. After all a builder has to buy and bring his tools if he wants to work. Before actively going into the world and trying to snatch up a gig you must prepare yourself and learn what to expect.

There are agencies that make money only from offering classes and taking pictures. After you spent all of your money you finally discover there are no jobs coming your way. Before the internet countless numbers of people have had this happen to them. Some of you are in a bad situation now. (This is how we learn. But please learn!)

Attribute Of A Legitimate Modeling Agency

  • License Number
  • Paid jobs
  • Proof of placed models
  • Positive track record
  • Website
  • Professionals

Don't go into an agency and expect of walk out with a job right away, although it could happen. Modeling agencies don't want to look like a fool when sending talent to their clients. Booking talent is how they make their money!

Be prepared to be screened, prepped and interviewed. If your unworkable they will let you know or string you along until you get your attitude adjusted. It is wonderful if your visually attractive but if your attitude is ugly. By By!

How To Get Paid Jobs

Be on time with all of your meetings. Tardiness can ruin your chances of getting a very lucrative job. The next person that fits the qualifications and is reliable will get the work first. Be a professional at all times and have many looks and you will be working nonstop.

Multiple looks can make you very useful to your agency. Looking like everyone else can harm your chances so be careful. Blending in is not always good.

  • Join Modeling websites for current news and jobs in your area.
  • Get modeling trade magazines.
  • Respond right away for casting calls
  • Join a reputable modeling agency to represent you.
  • Always sign your pay voucher.
  • Have work permits from your state if under age.
  • Never give up.You are your business.

Using your common sense in this field will take you far. You don't want to make desperate decisions by being uniformed. No job is worth losing your self esteem. Always be prepared to walk away. You want to lower you chances of being involved with the low lives in this field that pray on the unsuspected person who is in the early stages in becoming a model.

Don't forget to write you new contacts down. You never know when someone you met can turn you on to more paid opportunities.

Modeling Tools

  • Professional Portfolio (comp cards)- You must always have your professional pictures near with different looks. You must also have your comp cards . (Headshot,4 looks,stats, name, contact information.)
  • Modeling Training- You can pay for a modeling lessons or buy a modeling lessons on videoif cost or time is a concern.
  • Models bag- Your models bag will carry necessities you will need in case of an emergency and certainly to always be prepared. Snacks,makeup,*Vaseline,hair pieces,grooming supplies, scarves, sunglasses, toothpaste etc
  • Business Tools - Notebook, ink pen, cell phone, contact list.

* Vaseline on your teeth remind you to smile.

If you think you don't qualify to become a model I hope I cleared that all up. With all of the cable channels alone you can find a role that you feel like you could have done better and don't forget to look at the people in your everyday commercials.

Trust me, it only matters that you are in the right place at the right time. Many agencies don't like to work with diva types that know everything. They are looking for regular people that want to work.

Some of the largest commercial sensations were discovered by a talent scout. They most likely never even thought that they would have ever been on a commercial or print model. You could be a senior citizen or a person that is self conscious about their height and weight.

It doesn't matter there is something out there for you. Just imagine if the Pine Sol cleaning diva turned her job down? If you want to learn more about getting into the modeling field please visit .

DrakeBook has a job board you can view to see what type of talent and people that are needed in today market. You will be so surprised that you might decide to join yourself, but if you do use DXM4856 in the referral section and always post professional pictures. You always want to be taken seriously when pursuing a modeling career.


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