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How To Maximize Your Mailing List

Updated on March 24, 2013

Getting people to come to your events is always important and reaching out to your fan base should be the first place you go to do just that. Your mailing list is your #1 tool for contacting your fan base, or as I call mine "luvs." Here are some simple ways to help you grow your list.

1. Ask on your social networks

If you have a facebook profile, page or twitter or blog - anything - ask those friends and followes to join your mailing list. These people are already interested in you at some level to stay connected with you via social networks, ask them to sign up with their email.

2. Tell people you personally know

Do not count out the basics. Let people you know personally know that you have a mailing list, especially if they are asking about your music, products, or anything else you are into. They will probably more than willing to sign up.

3. Have a sign up list at your events

Whenever you have a show or make an important appearance, make sure you have a sign up sheet with you. If you have an online database, have a minibook or tablet ready with your sign up on the screen so those interested can join.

Do not forget to announce that you have your mailing list sign up either. It's important to let people know your mailing list when you already have their attention otherwise they might miss it and you may miss your next super fan/supporter.

4. Have it available on your website

Visitors on your site are already browsing to see you are about so give them something to do. Give them the opportunity to learn more about you and your brand. Make sure your mailing list sign up is easy to find and easy to sign up.

5. Offer something

Having people sign up on your mailing list works a whole lot better when it is worth their while. Yes, it is nice to be updated whenever you and your band and brand are doing something new, have a new album, video or whatever, but now is your time to wow them and give them something they would geniuenly like. Offer a free song, a mug, something. They will be happy with the tradeoff and you will have a new subscriber on your mailing list.

6. Make sure it is uncomplicated to unsubscribe

You know the feeling you get when you answer the phone and it's a telemarketer or you receive a mass text? Not being able to easily unsubscribe to an email list will have the same affect on any fan or perspective fan. No one wants to feel trapped or feel annoyed so make sure the people signing up have an uncomplicated way of unsubscribing.

Be sure to know that if you are just starting out this will not get you a million and one new fans right away, but with consistency, you will see an increase in your subscriptions and likely in your event attendance. You'll be happy that you put in the work because these new subscribers will be in your database so something happens to your social networks or your email accounts or anything else you will still be able to reach out to those that want to hear from you the most!


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