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How To Hire The Best Animation Studios

Updated on November 10, 2014

So you're ready to make an animated promotional or explainer video for your business? You need to go to the right people to get the job done for you. Video production needs to be spot on, the visuals need to come from beyond clip art galleries, the story needs to have an impact, the music should fit in and add to the experience. The video will represent your brand. If you want to leave a good impression with people, then you should make sure the animation studios you hire will give you exactly what you want.

What to look for in animation studios you're looking to hire

When considering potential studios, there are a few specific points to consider.

  • Experience: One of the primary things to consider is how long the studios have been operational. If their website portfolio contains thirty or more excellent quality videos, then you can more or less be certain of their quality of work. But if there are only about two or three videos on their website, it may be an indication of not enough experience. Or it may suggest that they are not displaying all their videos online for some reason. While this is not reason enough to write off the studios if you like the videos you see, you need to investigate their experience further.

  • The story: The story is very important in an animation video. The characters need to be alive and the video needs to create a brand between the brand and you. When comparing the samples from different animation studios, pay attention to the underlying message. It's important that you understand the message, which will ensure the story is coherent and has a point. Some humor will always be appreciated, but sometimes you may need the storytelling to be a little formal. It is important to pay attention to these details when comparing samples.

  • The quality of animation: What should you look for in the animation quality? That the videos are clear, drawings should be pleasing and original. If they're using motion graphics, you want the drawings to be attractive, modern and pleasing. Remember that your video is an extension of your brand's marketing campaign, so it should be consistent with your brand, website, logo etc.

  • The voiceovers: You want the voiceover artist to be professional, and have the right intonation and pronunciation of the language for the locality you're marketing to or from. In other words, if your intended audience is American, for instance, it is better for the animation company to use a voiceover artist who does an American English accent rather than a British English one.

How do the studios do business?

There are too many animation companies which will score very high on the above points and the affordability of their services, but fail in customer service. You need to make sure that the company you will be working with will offer good communication and guide you through each step of making the video. All your questions and requests should be answered and taken into consideration by the company. You need to participate actively in the making of the video, since you know your brand best. Make sure the studios you're hiring lets you do this.

Also ask to look at the testimonials by past customers of the studios. They may have a feedback section on their website, or customer testimonials on their LinkedIn page. Verify the testimonials to make sure they are genuine. A genuine studio should not hesitate in helping you obtain all the information you want.

Compare pricing between animation studios

Since there are animation providers for different types of budgets, it's best for a small startup to turn to a freelance animator for all the processes including scriptwriting and post-production. If you have a larger budget and want to set your company apart from your competitors, then you should turn to animation studios. Studios will usually have their professional posse of scriptwriters, illustrators, animators, directors, voiceover artists and post-producers. Pricing will usually vary from studio to studio. You can find studios that offer their services for $5000 and those that do so for $10,000. Freelancers will typically do it for less than $5000. You may find some freelance animators who are willing to work for $1000, but the best will usually cost around $3000 ore more.

When you're hiring, be sure to post ads to a number of places and contact several studios before you choose. Once you're satisfied with the work they are offering, you can expect the production to take about three to five weeks. During that time, be sure to give feedback in the most professional manner to make sure the project is going in the right direction.


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