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How To Kill Zombies During A Zombie Survival

Updated on October 22, 2011

Imagine yourself in a situation where you wake up at midnight and notice a very mysterious feeling around you. You leave your bed trying to figure out the exact thing making you feel so mysterious. You go towards you flat’s window and look down the street to find a very peculiar silence every where. Your senses are all heightened to level when your mind makes you think only of the worst.

At this heightened level of senses you hear a strange and fearful scream of a woman who seems to be in trouble. Now you begin to feel the fear! You take you motorbike keys and head down you apartment to analyze things. As soon as you step out of the apartment and put in the keys in you bike and look up, a scream goes out of your mouth because you have just seen a zombie!!!!!!

Now it’s not the time to panic but it is the right time to gather all you survival instincts and work out a way to fight your self out of the city, which has just faced a zombie attack.

But before doing this you need to learn “how to kill a zombie”. Zombies are the most difficult creatures to kill. This is because they are practically dead and there is no way you can kill a dead creature. But it is said that,” When there is a will, there is a way”. So by that rule you can actually kill zombies!

The above scene which I plotted is common in almost every zombie film where a city faces a zombie attack. Most of the films are a mixture of drama, action and horror to keep the people at the edge of their seats throughout the film and also to get some good box office business.

How Zombies Come Into Being?

You see zombie is a fictional character but there may be a possibility of it coming in real life so you need to learn how to kill it if the situation arises. But first let’s see how they are born. Zombies are actually born like normal human beings they live most of their life like normal humans until a bunch of mad scientists or some government owned researchers contaminate them with some contagious virus.

The virus kills them but soon they are reborn as deadly, mindless, undead creatures called zombies. Soon they spread the virus into other normal humans multiplying their population. On of the best and famous zombie plot has been shown in the “Resident Evil Series”.

The movie series and the related games are a good example of how zombies can be born and how to also kill them. I personally like the film but it has too much drama to make you feel like in a real zombie world.

How To Learn About Zombie Behavior?

Before you learn how to kill zombies you need to learn a little more about them. If you think you can do this by watching Resident Evil, then I must say that idea is shit! The best movie to watch is “The Zombie Diaries”. The movie very realistically portrays how a city can be attacked by zombies and how to form a resistance against them.

How To Kill Zombies?

Now for the ultimate part i.e. how to really kill these shit like plagued creatures. If you have watched any zombie movie like the ones mentioned above, then you should be having a slight idea of how to kill them. Obviously you can’t be a super hero in real life like Milla Jovovich, so you have to think of more realistic things.

Here is a list of things that may be required:

  • Knives
  • Swords
  • Automatic rifles and machine guns
  • Grenades
  • And possibly any thing that can be used to hurt

Once you know you are hit by zombies you need to first equip yourself with knives from your kitchen. The next thing would be to go to an arm and ammunition shop and steal every thing you can. Get a car and find a nice and open place where you could easily take a shot at them.

If your aim is just to kill them then I suggest you gather a month’s ammunition and food and go to your apartment’s roof. Here you can easily get a shot on the zombies rolling in the city. 

However if you are in favor of an evacuation then get a good car with a good “mileage”, fill in the tank completely and gather enough food and ammunition and get out of the city. But if you are a little heroic then you will also have to escort other survivors from the city.

The best way to fight with zombies is to fight with guns. But if you had some ninja training and think you can do it the artistic way then you can engage in a face to face battle with the zombies using a sword.

But remember you can only fight with a zombie using a weapon because if you are thinking of wrestling with them then it is not good idea as any zombie bite or scratch in your body, the next morning you will wake up as one of them.

All these methods will only weaken the zombies. Zombies plagued with different viruses are killed in different ways. You have to figure out that, yourself as sometimes even cutting their head of won’t also kill them. But one thing that can be done is bomb the city with nukes that will completely eliminate them. But you have to first convince the president for that!


I strongly suggest that if you are to engage in a zombie battle, then first play and master a good zombie survival game. This will give you a good simulation of the real scenario. My strong recommendation in this regard is “Dead Rising”.

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    • profile image

      jon crg 5 years ago

      i put on fire and see they die

    • profile image

      kill the undead 5 years ago

      I for one am ready to kill these zombies and i joined the zombie squad and got a zombie badge and Im the only one around my area that belives in these zombies you can call be crazy but if i see you in the zombie apocalypse i will be the one laughing and enjoying this will be my new favorite hobbie

    • profile image

      Shadow Assassin 6 years ago

      I had a nightmare about this and was killing zombies like hell with my friends and now I got all the I need if the zombie apocalypse ever happens I'm ready and so are my friends so we even have a strategy for every place we might go to ( we've been planning this for about a year and had my guns redesigned just for this and even had to buy a couple swords just to keep near my bed to make me feel safe you might call me and my friends crazy but just wait till it happens you won't be ready but we will.

    • profile image

      kill the undead 6 years ago

      People just don't understand anymore, they world is corrupted and you must know sciencetist will invent something that goes terriblely wrong and out of control so this is our warning from the above. It has come to the year of 2012 that things will change for everyone, and I for one will enjoy blowing up the god damn zombies. Haha stay aware! So enjoy what you got now before it goes to waste. Goodbye people!

    • profile image

      arya 6 years ago

      its intaresting to read and its a good guide for every people that how to kill zombies.

    • profile image!/WACKLEDOO 6 years ago

      when human are infected by a zombie the virus would kill their inner organs EXCEPT the person's brain because the virus would stay there i therefore conclude that shooting the infected human's brain is the most applicable way to kill a zombie

    • profile image

      Tommy 6 years ago

      I'd rather use a knife for more freedom in tight spaces. Knives and pistols/submachineguns. If in cramped spaces I'll get more difficult to catch. Yeah, I think these things through too much -.-'

    • profile image

      saif 6 years ago

      very nice and great information hub. thanks

    • profile image

      seth joshua piol 6 years ago

      you forgot to double tap

    • profile image

      seth joshua piol 6 years ago

      i like to read this again it's so good to read maybe this year have zombies in a house in 4:00

    • profile image

      seth joshua piol 6 years ago

      it happen in my nightmares i killed zombies with my friends and i use the gun of a security guard.

      i use a baseball bat every thing knives pistols we use weapon shoot there brain because the virus is in there and i woke up with scared.

      and i train myself for one day it maybe happen

    • MattWritesStuff profile image

      Matt Bird 6 years ago from Canada

      Forget a bladed weapon, I'd go for something hard and blunt that would screw up the zombie's brain. Unless you can decapitate the thing in one slice a sword would just get stuck in a zombie, and then it's useless.

    • profile image

      dgfhn 7 years ago

      guys i liked the info go nukes

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 8 years ago from Guwahati, India

      It is interesting to read.

    • MixtapeChick profile image

      MixtapeChick 8 years ago from Rialto, California

      Yeah, I recommend always having a sword around for when your gun runs out of bullets. 'cause you know they will!

      Thanks for the Hub, man! GO ZOMBIES!