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How To Be Famous And Mix With Your Favorite Celebs!

Updated on November 24, 2013

The line between rich and poor is vast. The psychology behind it is even farther apart. We all watch TV and see the rich and famous celebrities strolling down the red carpet or staying at the top hotels.

The idea of actually being able to mix with them is just ludicrous. Let's face it, the majority of them had famous celebrity parents who got them on the first step to stardom. But not everybody had wealth behind them. There are many famous faces out there who started off in a dead end job.

So how did they get to where they are now? Obviously to be an actor or actress they went to stage school, or were lucky enough to be picked out at auditions purely on what they looked like and stage presence.

But what about the jobs behind the camera? Whether its in the studio or even working as a celebrity's bodyguard. There must be something that makes them stand out from the crowd. Or maybe you just want to mix with the rich and famous.

Here's a few tips on how to make a good impression and get your feet in the door of celebrity!

Red Carpet public domain
Red Carpet public domain

The Magic Of First Impressions

The one thing I have noticed over the years, whether it be from a personal point of view or just observing how people around me do it, is the fact that they have one thing in common. Confidence and arrogance.

Ambition helps too.

After working as a part time teacher for very wealthy people, I noticed one thing that the common man or women do not do. And that is grovel. On a day to day basis, we normal folk are very polite. If we are late for an appointment we apologize. If we want help with something we always ask please and say thank you after the event.

Trust me when I say the wealthy do not do this at all. They have a mind set that states, we are the best, we should have respect thrown our way, and nothing is going to change that.

I have seen it first hand. For example, after the class one little girl sat there for over an hour waiting for her father to collect her. When he arrived, he strolled into the classroom and just glanced over at us.

Instead of an apology he stated, 'Hope she wasn't too much trouble' eyebrows raised. We said no, and he then walked over to the child and just told her to put her coat on. No apology, no please and thank you. And he wasn't alone. The whole dynamics of the conversation between us was aloof and the ball was totally in his court. Each and every one of those rich parents acted exactly alike.

It was pure psychology.

Snooty Darling! public domain
Snooty Darling! public domain

Secrets of their Success

To get the job that you want there are so many factors that have to come into play. Obviously the main one is that you have the experience for the job. In the case of wanting to work in a high class establishment either with the rich and famous, or just getting your foot in the door, there has to be a certain amount of very clever scamming!

Yes you heard me. You have to con your way in. And no its not underhand, the rich and famous do it all the time!

A famous comedian once said,

'Never let it appear that you are hard up. When I have a hunger gnawing at my stomach like a ruthless wolf, I have always pretended that the whole world was at my beck and call.

I have always pretended that luck was there on my side. I will always be well dressed, sporting silk shirts and wealthy jackets. I will carry an expensive brief case and even buy a car with my small savings. Even if I have to go without food.

(Excert From Al Korans famous book Bring out the magic in your mind)

Many film and TV stars spill the beans about their climb to fame. Some started out by hanging around the theatre doorway waiting for the Stars to come out. Others have worked their way up from the bottom and hoped for a break to come their way.

Most of them have cheated or covered up the fact that they couldn't ride a horse for example, after being offered the part in a cowboy film. Or even saying they were a good swimmer, then desperately trying to learn in between filming.

So the secret is to lie, cheat and con your way in!

Did I write What? Lady Gaga goes Gaga!
Did I write What? Lady Gaga goes Gaga!

Celebrity Secrets And Lies

So many celebs lie about how they got to the top. Some tell fibs about their past, others about who writes their music. There have been a number of singers over the years who were found to be completely lying about who sung what on lead vocals. In fact a couple of them were discovered to be using singers in the background and they had in fact never sang a note themselves.

Come on down Milli Vanilli. This pop duo who had a few hits back in the eighties, were found to have lied about their singing prowess. In fact they never sang a note. Even more embarrassing was the fact that they had won a newcomer Grammy and had to give it back!

And what about Lady Gaga? She stated at one of her London shows that she wrote her own music. Every note, every line and every darn word. Not only was this an outright lie, the fact that everybody who was standing within hearing range happened to be her writers was pretty stupid to say the least! But people believe what their pop hero tells them. Even the real writers it seems!

James Frey became a well known writer after finding fame on the Oprah Winfrey Show after she showcased his soon to be best seller book: A Million Little Pieces, a true story of his life. It seems that he made up most of the story!

George Lazenby - James Bond 007.

This lie has got to be the best of them all! George Lazenby was chosen as the second Bond after beating over 300 actors for the role in On her Majesty's sercret service. What the producers didn't realise at the time was that he had never acted before in his life! In fact he was a car salesman and part time model in London. He stated that: 'I bluffed my way into that role, and even asked an acting coach whether he could teach me to act the night before filming was to start!'

The Right Clothes The Right Attitude

The right clothes spell power. Simple as that. You must impress the world and show how important you are to be a success. When others look at you whether they are rich and successful or not, you have to give them the impression that you are somebody. And when they believe in you, then you will see them start to treat you with respect and listen to what you have to say.

In other words, you have to impress the world with the look that says Only the best is good enough for me.

Wealth attracts wealth.

It doesn't matter if you are dirt poor. Go to a charity shop, spend a couple of dollars on a nice suit. Buy something that stands out. A walking cane, a classy looking brief case. Get your hair done, shine. Okay it may take you months to achieve this, but when you have got yourself prepared then it will be worth the wait.

Derren Brown Famous Illusionist Now he knows how to manipulate the public with his clever stage shows.  public domain
Derren Brown Famous Illusionist Now he knows how to manipulate the public with his clever stage shows. public domain

It Is So Simple To Con People!

What a horrible statement! Who said anything about conning people? Hear me out. I am talking about the cons that don't hurt anybody. I am talking pure psychology cons. Not devious cons.

Don't believe me? Try it out for yourself. However rich, famous or just downright pushy some people are, they will always fall for the same psychological tricks as other people. As long as they don't see you as a threat, for example trying to get their job, then they will fall for the straight forward con.

The one thing we all have in common is self. We constantly think about where we are going, what we are doing and just about everything else that involves what you are doing on a certain day, at a certain time.

Unless we get suspicious of someone then we usually take what they say or do as real and honest. Why shouldn't we? We don't have time to analyse every person we meet. In other words we take them at face value.

And this is the trick.

Be larger than life, and twice as confident.

Check out the restaurants public domain
Check out the restaurants public domain

Getting Your Foot In The Door!

Now you know how to dress.

So what's next?

To integrate with the rich and famous you need to go where the action is. This may sound above and beyond your experience and lack of money. But there is a way.

Save a little bit of cash each month until you have enough to spend on a good restaurant, nightclub or anywhere else the rich and famous hang out. It may take months again, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Start off with an evening out somewhere more classy but not too expensive. Get people used to seeing you there.

People, especially the higher echelons of society are always intrigued by a new face. Keep to the same venue for a few months until you become so familiar to them they will subconsciously take it for granted that you are one of them.

Try to engage in conversation. Even if this means pure and simple hogwash! Say what you feel and look them straight in the eye, this will help integrate you into their circles. But don't make up too much junk otherwise you will trip yourself up.

Just talk about your job, or where you have been living in the past etc. It may take a while to get talking to someone, but its well worth the wait.

Explain your absences by saying you work abroad. This will be helpful if it takes a while to get the cash together.

Hopefully by this time you will start being invited to more exotic venues. If for some reason you are not accepted in that certain place, then change and go elsewhere. Sooner or later you will get chatting and this is where you make your move.

Buy chic clothing on a budget
Buy chic clothing on a budget

Listen and Learn.

Start to emulate the people around you. How do they act? How do they talk to each other? The more you become like them, the quicker your acceptance will be.

Then, when you feel that you have become the familiar face you have worked so hard to be, its time to start putting out feelers to see if there is any work in the field that you want. Mention that you are leaving your job etc, and sit back and wait for the offers to come.

If you are purely out to meet the rich and famous then these ideas should get you on the right track. Remember:

  • Confidence.
  • Smart clothing and jewelry, even if its fake.
  • Stick to a routine if possible.
  • Emulate their speech and manners.
  • Look aloof but not unapproachable.
  • Never say too many please and thank you's. The wealthy take it for granted that people will do stuff for them.
  • And last but not least: Fake it!

Use these secret tricks to con your way into the celebrity circles. You may think its absolute hog wash, but believe me there are many people out there who do this everyday of their lives.

Who are they?

That's their secret!

Wait intside or outside  the theater or club!
Wait intside or outside the theater or club!

Fun Tips On How To Get Really Noticed!

As I mentioned before, everything in life is pure psychology. If you want someone to believe then make them darn well believe. To get noticed you may have to get out there and learn the skills of acting. But I am not talking about drama school! Take a look at the list and see what I mean.

  • Get a friend, a large official looking camera and wait outside the stage door. When the celebs start to appear, get snapping. But not at them. Get your friend to be your photographer while you swing your hips and do the model poses. If you are lucky you may just get attention from one of the celebs asking who you are modeling for!
  • Take your photographer friend along to a swanky restaurant. As you approach the door, get them to start clicking away. Then boldly go up to the doorman, smile and sway your way to your reserved table. Make sure everyone gets to see your friend taking photographs then send him home. The idea is planted, now wait for the celebrity service at your table!
  • Save your money and go to a Convention. These are usually held regularly. I had a friend who goes to loads. These are the places where you meet the stars of your favorite shows. You can get your photo taken with them and get autographs. Dress yourself up to the nines and look like a film star. You never know, one of the celebs may just take a shine to you!
  • Check out the 'I want to be a film extra' sites. There are plenty on the Internet. Then sign yourself up. Once again I know quite a few people who have done this, and come back with some great stories. I had a friend who was in the film 'Band Of Brothers' he kept me in hysterics telling me about how he had to keep falling down in the fight scenes. He loved every minute of it.
  • Sign yourself for the Reality Shows on TV. Well you never know!

If Justin can do it, so can you! public domain
If Justin can do it, so can you! public domain

Fame And Maybe Fortune!

These days with the help of the Internet and TV Reality shows its so much easier to get a foot in the door. Obviously if you have a talent that you feel is really something you want to share with the world, then go for it.

If your dream is to just hang out with your favorite celebs, then you had better get working on the tips above. Just remember if its good enough for celebs to con their way to the top, then its good enough for you!


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