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How To Nail Songwriting Competitions

Updated on August 23, 2010

How To Nail Songwriting Competitions

 Songwriting competitions always managed to draw huge crowds.  Many people appreciate good songs and would do all they can to win in different competitions.  People and groups in the career have been moulded by such competitions and it is no wonder they are valued.  Different entities will organize the songwriting competition in a bid to highlight all the creative talent that may be undiscovered.  There are many things to be done to win in the competitions and to be on top, a lot has to be done.  These are top guides to lead people to a path that will help them top the list and emerge winner in the competitions.

 Chorus or a hook is the first thing to consider.  One that is catchy and manages to bring the point across will always perform better.  It will take time to ensure that the hook or chorus is perfect and this is how people need to prepare with a lot of time to excel.  Verses should also not be left behind because they need to attract or draw the person in and appeal to them.  Story lines will be liked by many.  Creativity is one element that needs no compromise and people can certainly tap into it.

 Common ideas will not cut it because uniqueness is the key.  A different idea needs to capture the imagination of people to deliver good stuff.  Many ideas will be too difficult to grasp and a great idea is one that flows with a crowd for the first time with ease and clarity.  This is the essence of winning the first prize.  A certain catchy melodic line must be included in the song.  It should provide the harmony needed to execute the song in a desired manner.  With instruments, songs can certainly be transformed and this also needs to be planned.

 To save the time, there needs to be good coordination that will suit the song.  Using the best instruments to enhance a song will be the key to winning.  Most contests will have different guidelines on what will please the judges.  It is paramount for all who participate to follow all the guides to the letter to make sure that they do what is required.  Go back and look at the people who have won competitions in songwriting.  Know why they were able to make it to the top.  The lessons will be learnt effectively to pull it off.  All in all being positive will go along way.


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