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How To Plan a Great Photo Shoot

Updated on July 28, 2013

Promotions can be made and even broken depending on the photos that are used in conjunction. There is a great way to minimize the chances of an unsuccessful promotion due to photos - your photo shoot. When you plan on having a photo shoot, you should take some time to sort out exactly what you want. It's like a road trip, you want to know where you're going and what your destination is. Everything should be taken into account and not left for granted otherwise you are opening the door for problems and wasted time that you will be paying for.

1. Research & Pick A Theme

When you first decide to do a photo shoot, you'll first want to decide exactly what you want your photos to look like. What look or theme are you going for? To figure that out you should start by thinking of what your photo shoot is for, whether it be for an event, a music project or other. The theme of the photos should reflex that. Once you have figured that out use this research time to look at photos from others and go through your past photos for inspiration.

2. Find A Photographer

You have an idea of what you want to do and now you need someone to help you bring it to life. This is where your photographer comes in. Try to choose someone who shares the same vision for what you want to do in your photo shoot. Bring them pictures to help describe to them what it is that you are looking for. Look at examples of his or her past work to find out the scope of their capabilities as well as their style.

3. Scout Your Location

You've got your ideas and you've got your photographer, now this is the time you want to go and scout locations. With your photographer brainstorm some locations that coincide with the theme you came up with and ironed out with your photographer. Go to these locations so you and your photographer can decide what would be needed to pull off the looks you want.

4. Find Any Other Specialists You Need

At this point you can go ahead and look for all the additional specialists you may need to pull off your photo shoot. This is when you look for a hairstylist, wardrobe stylist, cosmetologist, any extra's for your shoot or anyone else you have in your vision. Often times a good photographer can help you locate some of these people.

Fill these people in on the theme of your shoot, where it will be located and anything else they may need to know. Let them know if it's indoors or outdoors or both. Giving them this information and answering any other questions they may have will help them to help you have a smoother photo shoot. They will know whether or not they need to bring waterproof products or anything else specific to the type of photo shoot you are having. Plus this will allow them to offer up ideas you may not have thought of that may take your photos to the next level.

5. Enjoy Your Shoot

You've done a lot of background at this point so go ahead and enjoy your shoot. Get there a little early so you can check things out and get comfortable in the setting you've chosen. Make sure that afterwards you have your photos edited to make it crisp and get rid of any possible distractions.

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