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How To Slay A Vampire

Updated on May 2, 2012

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How To Kill A Vampire

So you ask. How do you kill a vampire. What works and what doesn't. If there are real vampires then we really need to know how to kill them. If one was stalking you then you really would need to know what would do the job. Short of getting the vampire to walk into the sun there are many ways rumored to kill vampires. Lets take a look at a few of the ways and maybe just maybe you can find out a way to end the life of any pesky vampire you may have stalking you.

A Stake Through The Heart.

Its said to work but what kind of wood the stake is made from seems to really matter in some legends. There is the legend of Judas Iscariot who many people claim was the first vampire and the father of all vampires. It is said that God cursed Judas and his family to roam the earth and until that time he and his family would thirst for the blood of Jesus Christ which they could obtain by killing Christians. In that legend it is said that a vampire can only be killed by a wooden stake made of aspen.

There are other legends that say the stake must be made of silver and blessed by a priest in good standing or it will not work. And there are even more legends that say the head of the vampire must be cut off and its heart burned or it will come back the next night at sundown.

So if your going to go around killing vampires then you want to first make sure it really is a vampire. You don't want to run out and drive a stake thru the heart of the first guy or gal you find dressed in black. I would suggest you approach your suspected vampire with caution. Hold a silver blessed cross out at them and see what their reaction is. You can also carry around a vial or two of Holy Water and sprinkle your suspected vampire with it. If there is no reaction from either the cross or the Holy Water you may not have a vampire. Or if all the legends are false you may still have a vampire and it just may be getting ready to drink your blood.

How To Kill A Vampire

How to Kill a Vampire

How To Kill A Vampire

How to kill a Vampire

How To Kill A Vampire

Ways To Stop A Vampire Or Keep It Away

Mustard Seed

If you're afraid a vampire is near you carry around a small plastic bag of mustard seed. Legend says that if you pour them out in front of a vampire that it must stop and count the seeds. So if it was me and I thought it would work I probally would carry a big bag of mustard seed.


If your really having a problem with vampires hang strings of garlic over your windows and door ways and if your really concerned hang a string of garlic around your neck. Legend says that garlic will stop a vampire cold in his tracks. Lets hope so.

A Silver Cross

Hang a blessed silver cross around your neck. And it wouldn't hurt if the cross and chain are both blessed. And they must be silver. Silver plate or gold won't work. Or so legend says.

Holy Water

It is also said that Holy Water blessed by a Priest in good standing will keep a vampire away. Remember it must be blessed by a Priest in good standing and you have to be close enough to the vampire to throw it on the vampire.Maybe you can use a good kids water gun filled witth Holy Water.

Nail It's Coffin Shut With Silver Nails

Okay here's the hard part. In order to nail its coffin shut you have to get close enough to its coffin to nail it shut and where do you find silver nails. I'm not 100 percent sure but I don't think your going to find silver nails down at the local Walmart.

Don't Invite It In

Okay I have a real problem with this one. Some legends say a vampire can not come in where its not been invited. Okay why would you invite in a vampire. Guess I'll have to hang garlic above the door and sprinkle all my guests with Holy Water belore I invite them into the house. But it could just be a legend and you could wake up with the vampire already in the house with you. If you do you better have the mustard seed handy.


Cutting off the head of a vampire is the only thing in this section guaranteed to work 100 percent but I would also advise making 100 percent sure that it really is a vampire before you try cutting its head off or you could end up in a nasty 6ftX8ft cell with a bunk mate named Bubba. Not sure what would be worse. The Vampire or Bubba.

A Stake Through It's Heart

Ok here it gets interesting. What kind of stake should it be and how do you get the vampire to lay down so you can drive the stake in. Some legends say any wooden stake will do but there are other legends that say you must use a wooden stake made of aspen. If I was going to stake a vampire I would go for the aspen just to be sure. But at the same time their are legends that say it must be a stake of solid silver. If so your probally going to have to make one. Why silver you ask. Well one legend says that Judas Iscariot was the father of all vampires and we all know the story about the thirty pieces of silver. And legend says because of that vampires can be harmed by silver.Again use extreme caution before you go around staking vampires. If you stake a suspected vampire and it doesn't go poof and vanish you will have serious legal problems.Remember Buba we talked about above.  

So Have You Ever Wondered How Do You Kill A Vampire? Why Not Post A Comment Below

A lot of people will insist that there is no such thing as a real vampire. But what if there is a real vampire out there somewhere. Well if you do happen to find you need to kill a real live vampire you can find out how to kill him on this page or at the very least you can find out how to slow the vampire down while you escape.

Copyright © 2008 Thomas Byers aka crazyhorsesghost, all rights reserved.

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    • profile image

      Donttellapassword 4 years ago

      That video of mercy brown scared me plz take it off !

    • profile image

      Kelsea 4 years ago

      So, why are they telling us this stuff? Once we're in contact with a vampire we're either dead, turned, or we just killed the wrong guy.....

    • profile image

      Victoria Salter 5 years ago

      I have watched a documentary called “Vampire Secrets” and it is very informative on this subject. I have also read a short story by Bram Stoker called “Dracula’s Guest”, and read a lot of information about them in vampire-related books that contain facts about real-life people who are/were associated with vampirism and information on the myths, legends, novels , movies and TV programmes about them. Ask me anything you want to know about vampires and I should be able to answer you.

      Some people could be called cannibals simply because they have been stranded in places where there is no proper food for them and have eaten each other/other people in order to stay alive. They do not want to do this, and most of them would probably loathe doing it, but they MUST do it in order to live. If vampire needs to drink blood in order to survive, would they really be all that different?

      There are good vampires as well as evil ones. The documentary “Vampire Secrets” features a psychic vampire. They actually proved that she was a psychic vampire by doing tests using light technology on her as she fed off of someone who had allowed her to do so. Apparently, the average mental power for normal people is about 20-50, whereas hers was over 70. She also told a story about how she nearly died one day when she was at university. She passed out during an exam and, if I remember rightly, she had to go to hospital as well. She then fed off of someone and she was more than alright after that. She was even able to swim after that. My point here is that she really is a psychic vampire and that, if she were truly evil, she would have drained the producer’s psychic energy. I’m pretty sure that they would have at least said something about it if they had had their life force taken from them involuntarily by this lady, and I do not remember them saying anything of the sort. I’m pretty sure that I would remember if they had said anything like this.

      One woman is actually known as the “vampire woman” or “vampire lady” due to her teeth and, possibly, other traits as well actually campaigns or has campaigned to help domestic abuse victims. Is that the sort of thing that an evil or demonic monster would do?

      Who are we to say that they do not feed off of animals as well? Some vampires may even feed drink blood from blood banks, fake blood and blood from willing donors, for all we know.

      I believe that some vampires may be very peace-loving, friendly and caring creatures. Some may not even want to be vampires. Of course, there may well be some evil ones out there, but then there are plenty of evil humans out there as well.

      If this is true, what gives us the right to kill them except when necessary? For all we know, they may value their undead "lives" as much as humans value their lives.

    • profile image

      Jenny 6 years ago

      I still couldn't believe it is true.

    • Kim Cammaro profile image

      Kim Cammaro 6 years ago from NY

      Just keep in mind that all of the above will kill just about anything!!! Good hub.

    • profile image

      The Kitty Has Nails 6 years ago








    • profile image

      TheKittyHasNails 6 years ago

      The only way too kill a vampire is to stab him with a stake made from aspen wood , and afterwards his body changes and as he dies ...becomes kind of like a dead mummy and is easily damaged,vampires can be really sneaky and are pretty smart and faster than humans,and if you wanna catch a vampire of guard you also have to be very sneaky and quiet.don't feel sorry for them or even give them a chance to talk to you , they all have telepathic mind and if the power is strong can call the nearest vampires in for help , you have to kill it instantly.


      that's easy if its dark and have a flash light on you , light it in his eyes , and if the "things" eyes sparkle like a cat for example when it looks at the moon , then he's a real vampire they have a different atmosphere than humans but their eyes are total give away.



      this was the KITTY HAS NAILS..

      anymore questions?

      contact me on

    • profile image

      Kate 6 years ago

      I don't know what's happening awhile ago started to begin having weird things happen after I had these bites that didn't heal at all and then jut disappeared... I lived through something I should have died, I can't feel fool unless I have blood, my smell and other senses are heighten and I'm stronger too also, my skin is extremely sensitive to the sun and on my eyes I have to wear sunglasses at all times in light and I'm having trouble sleeping at night and not sleeping in the day. I just don't know what's going on with me. And I don't know if I just watched to many movies but now I'm alive when I shouldn't and I'm I heal faster and I know guys don't want to hear it but I'm a young women like 20 and I don't have periods ever and I am not pregnant or on any birth control and it's not just like the past year it's the past years... And I don't use the bathroom like others do... I don't have to go or 2 ever! Started at the same time I lost my period. I just don't know if it's pOssible. Am I a vampire. And I craving blood and feeling weak with out it because I don't know if a medical mistery or a vampire and how do I find out. Also I've been feeling a presence and I've always had some special abilities... Any thoughts?

    • profile image

      Blazey 6 years ago

      Ah, thank you for putting this now i know the ways people will try to slay me and how i stop them from killing me i feel my vampire transformation may be here if they really are real if they are then i must be one

    • profile image

      Vincent 6 years ago

      None of these particularly work on the type of vampires that I am. We are particualy of them norm. We can go into sunlight, though it really bothers me. Garlic can keep even humans away, it smells horrible. My friend is part wolf, and she's learned a lot about my kind. Plus, anything that can kill a human, will kill my kind of vampires. THERE ARE DIFFERENT TYPES OF VAMPIRES AND VAMPIRE RELIGIONS.

    • profile image

      alice 6 years ago

      do you guys actually want to slay a vampire??

    • profile image

      Anna 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Selinda 7 years ago

      I think that vampire/ wolfs r awesome let them be

      what they r cause most of us love stories/ movies & if it's true or fiction I love them sooooo! ZMuch they make us feel excited come on now if u people read the bible on the first page it's says that god". Made the world he made us and the animals so let them live!!! With out them their will not be any scary stories or true we r what we r we r real!! UFO. Is real Read people first it's was lava & volcano he made the world &us they should be here to !!!

    • profile image

      odis101 7 years ago

      i read alll of the comments... and i have to say, most of them sound rubbish. i am a simple simple girl that reads the vampire diaries and buffy the vampire slay. now if what you guys are saying is true, how do you know? unknown........ said he is afraid of being attacked by a vampire, well wouldn't you think it would be a stupid idea to tell the internet about that? and also, i looked up jesica stone rose, she is just some stupid tv star. honestly, all i wanted to know was where is the most common place to find a vampire and how to slay it... its my dream to save the world and im starting with the vamps :P

    • profile image

      wolveschaos 7 years ago

      yes gentlemen you are correct in saying that there are different types of vampires, though the need for blood seems to be a must have in any culture of it's description.

      I found that a "TATAGONG", the Filipino vampire to be most interesting. lacking a corporeal body, it must attach itself to a living host and feed off those around the host. Only when the host, wishing to be free of this evil parasite, tries to remove it does the Tatagong transfer to a new and nearby host then feeds of it's previous one.

      Said to be truly immortal, the Tatagong cannot be killed. Not even sunlight can destroy it as during these hours, the vampire will merely hide within it's host's body, safe from the rays of the sun.

      It has to be trapped within a box made of Narra wood. Filipino witch doctors, the "Albularyo", are said to know how to trap them but these days there a very few left of this druid-like Filipino order.

    • profile image

      Vampire Hunter 7 years ago

      Great information. Maybe I will need to slay a vampire some day.

    • profile image

      VLAD 7 years ago

      The Fact is ,we cant be killed, vampires are here to stay. most people believe that all the made up vampires were never real, however the one most famous that no one ever seams to mention is the vampire known as jessica stone rose a late 19th centry vampire she hasn't been seen i some time now but she left a blood trail that even a new vampire like myself can smell

    • profile image

      LUPE MENDOZA 7 years ago

      this is very interesting because i know somethings about vampires but i didn't know that you could do all that to prevent something like that happening and i really know different things cause even though they are so cruel. i didn't know that they could do all of this distruction like they did back then when Jesus was alive and he sacrifised himself for our mistakes and i think that this world would be better if we didn't have so much cruelty like we had back then and now i really was hoping that i would get to find out more about this so i know what to do when this happens to someone that needs help with this or something like a VAMPIRE!

    • profile image

      various black 8 years ago

      sigh its rather easy if you have claws of your own draw from that what you will but in my opion the greatest weapon against the dark would be a sword forged from silver and quenchend in holywater and rosary beads inlaid in the blade also it is tghen blessed by a priest in good satanding

    • profile image

      8 years ago

      there are vampires i know for a fact i am best friends with one and i happen to be a werewolf i know we shouldn't be friends but weve looked past the many years of fighting and don't want anything to do with it sadly there is vampires who will kill you for fun and none of those things will kill it and no human would have a chance of fighting one off so just don't piss them off and you'll be fine

    • profile image

      Harry 8 years ago

      I don't know if they kill vampire or not,I want to be a vampire just help me

    • profile image

      Isabell 8 years ago

      None of the ways to kill a vampire works. I should know i am one. There is no real way to kill us. We will just simply come back. We are the living died. But garlic does help ceep us away. And most of us can turn in to an animal and then back to human. So have fun trying to slay one of us. :)

    • profile image

      Vickire 8 years ago

      I don't understand why anyone would want to kill a vampire, my personal opinion is, if they don't kill you, they gift you.

    • profile image

      Unknown......... 8 years ago

      I would like to know. is there any way someone could be turned human again? I'm not normaly very superstitious about this stuff, but there have been some strange events... I have been atacked by someone or something recently and have gone to the doctor for bite marks.and I gradualy felt sicker and sicker. Ever since that day I have felt really weak and sick, until one day I colapsed. I was taken to the hospital for a lack of blood. and yet the doctors can't find anything that would cause that, I don't know what to do, Now that the facts are gone I have no idea what's happening. I need help. But under normal circumstances I'm not really into this kind of stuff, But these are by far not normal circumstances... I don't want to be sick anymore... I'm only 14. I can't afford to be this sick, I want to have a life.

    • profile image

      renee 8 years ago

      im a wolf ...yes they are REAL ... im a youmg wolf and i have not changed yet ...i go to school with a vamp. he is mean!! ...they do age but slowly when they die they are reborn ..ive talked to him he has told me about him for instance they do have blood but very small amount , weak heart beat,some like him can go in sun light but don't like to im searching 0n these websites like how to kill one cause im scared and all of this can help me but to kill him i will probley have to change until then thanks

    • profile image

      ok 8 years ago

      do vampires use the restroom??

    • profile image

      shaun 8 years ago

      what about the brain?

    • profile image

      jim 8 years ago

      i dont think there one can kill a vampier ... most vampiers are born who they were while the other half get screwed over by docters

    • profile image

      jessica  8 years ago

      this is so cool

    • profile image

      vampires costumes 8 years ago

      great ideals i will refer and let my visitors this it is important if you dress up as a vampire

    • profile image

      Vendetta 8 years ago

      In ader words,,,vampires r not immortal......dey r olso a being hu just only age don't xpect to "become"......bcus u can olso die u know.......

    • profile image

      Pascal 8 years ago

      Vampires can't die from garlic. Vampires can't die in sun but they hate the sun. Vampires are like ordinary human except somethings

    • kappa022 profile image

      kappa022 9 years ago from Florida

      Interesting hub, I doubt I'll have to use this info any time soon, hehe.

    • profile image

      ??? 9 years ago

      hmmmm ya im sure if u stabbed them in the heart and cut there head off and i don't mean graze the hart i mean ac. aim well then im pretty sure there gonna die lol ..... but lol nvm...

    • profile image

      rhyan 9 years ago

      ok well vampires don't reall die in the sun or with thaat stake in the heart (iv tried) and there are a few you have to have a very sepcil way to kill but i don't know that way someone tell me?

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 9 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Thanks Whitney for the comment. And yes there are a lot of different versions of vampires. So what works on one might not work on another. I am also a big vampire fan. Have read every Ann Rice book out there.

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 9 years ago from Georgia

      Great hub. I'm a big vampire fan, by far, and it looks like you covered most of everything. Just remember that depending on the civilization, the slaying methods are slightly different. IE Roman vampire vs Greek for instance.