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How To Watch Pirated Theater Movies Streaming Online Free!

Updated on February 14, 2018
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Elton graduated from Common Sense University, is a father, artist and is currently featured on multiple blogs, sites and even edits a few.

Pirating The High Seas of Movies

People, by and large, are media junkies. We can't get enough t.v., movies or ANYTHING. We want it all, want it now and for free. Unfortunately for producers of said media, it's easier than ever to pirate and distribute pirated media than ever before.

Pirating movies and shows, of course, isn't new. Thomas Edison used to pirate the hell out of his competition's movies, effectively bankrupting them. In turn, Hollywood owes it's existence to independent filmmakers who moved West to escape Edison suing them for film patents.

Tell me that's not the pot calling the kettle black.

Given that long an illustrious history, piracy has followed us into the present day. It's expanded to include other recorded media, of course, but, it's still the same ol' deal. People produce something and other people copy it and either sell it or distribute it against the producers wishes.

It sucks for the production side, by limiting the timetable for viable income from created media. This is why, anyone watching pirated media should actually buy the movie if they like it. It's usually not that much, far more reliable than what you'd get for free and it pays the people that made that great movie or show.

The Legality Of Watching Movies Online

Piracy and the partaking of pirate pleasures is of course illegal. Viewing, listening or reading material that hasn't been paid for is stealing, no matter what way you slice it. Yet, it's prevalence is widespread and using the internet, even more so.

Being that as it may, the Internet is posing a huge problem on the prosecution of pirates and the recipients of their ill gotten goods. Catching people in the act used to be easy, but, doing it electronically seems especially hard. Still, people are caught and prosecuted, just not as easily as the pirate days of yore.

The chances of getting caught, prosecuted, fined or jailed for viewing pirated media via the Internet are surprisingly slim. Viewing the media in a streaming format, even less so. It doesn't make it any more right, but, it's the truth. There are people that do get caught--understand that--their numbers are relatively minuscule.

Media being shared over the Internet has become a legal gray area of sorts. Lump in international servers and those country's pirating laws, copyright recognition, etc, and it all becomes more muddled.

Please understand that despite lowered risk, piracy is still illegal.

Movies Online For Free

The Internet, with all of it's informational super highway awesomeness, has brought pirating right into the home! Gone are they days when media hungry vultures would risk imprisonment, buying bootlegs from a seedy swap meet vendor. Today, we can fulfill that need from the comfort of our own homes!

The question is: "Where do you find free movies online?"

The answer, actually, is "A number of different ways!". Though, that's ambiguous, so, let's pare it down to two, for the sake of time and complexity. Two ways.

  1. Torrents
  2. Streaming Web Sites

We'll talk about each of them, in order.

An Explanation of Torrent (Using BitTorrent [that you don't have to necessarily use])

Downloading Movies With Torrents

[note: torrents can and are used to exchange large files or a collection of files from peer to peer. Those files can be anything from documents to family photo albums to software, etc. Torrents and their respective programs are not illegal, though, they are often used to exchange media illegally.]

The downloading of media, via torrents, is relatively simple. All you need is a torrent file of whatever movie you want and a proper program to open and utilize it. The former can be found almost anywhere on the internet. A simple Google search for "The Great Blah, Blah Movie Title torrent" will usually render a lengthy list of results (of course you would insert the title of the movie you want and then "torrent" after it, if the "blah, blah" confused you a bit).

Pirate Bay is a very popular choice, is most often used and is among the easiest to navigate.

The latter, I would suggest going to one place for that: (it's a site owned and operated by CNET, a media producing, product testing corporation that hosts links to trusted downloads. They also screen everything they recommend for viruses, trojans and scam related programs.)

Simply search for: torrent program or peer to peer (P2P for short), etc.via their web site search bar. It will list torrent programs and allow you to choose the most popular, most highly rated (by their editors or users just like you) and features.

{Some popular choices are: Tixati and uTorrent}

After downloading a program to use a torrent, simply double click the torrent file you've acquired and let the downloading commence!

The Problem With Torrents

Torrents are a great way to download media of all types, but, they can be spotty, depending on the subject or title trying to be had. The best results are often based on the popularity of what you want.

If you're looking for Jean-Luc Godard movies from the 60's, you might be out of luck or if you do find a torrent, you'll likely have no one to download it from. Yet, if you're searching for a recent blockbuster, you'll likely find a slew of sources. Again, popularity and subject matter count.

They also take a while, depending on your connection speed and in turn the speed of whomever is "seeding" the bits of file you need. So, it can be a long wait sometimes.

Websites That Stream Movies

The other, fairly easy, way to access movies online is through websites that stream them. This method requires very little in the way of technical know how, but, can land a pirate happy viewer in a boat load of viruses.

There are literally thousands of websites constructed to fool people, who want to view movies online, into compromising situations. Some are as benign as fooling someone into clicking an ad, and there are others that are far more benevolent.

More often than not, sites that say they offer streaming movies are there to deliver a virus, trojan or other malicious deeds onto the would be partaker of all things pirate. So, beware.

Still, there are a few sites that stream pirated media for the viewing of others. Navigating these sites can be a little tricky, but, if you know how, you can be watching illegal what have you, before you know it.

Sailing The Seas of Illegality!
Sailing The Seas of Illegality!

How To Navigate

There are a number of ways to find these sites. A simple Google search will deliver a gazillion to your screen. Whether they are scam sites is another animal entirely. Most are, if you were curious. Do research and be prepared for bad things.

So, which ones are the right ones?

Firstly, a few rules to keep you safe...ish.

  1. Have an anti-virus program running ALL the time. Especially one that can sniff out malware sites and things of that nature. There are several available for free (you can get a lot of them at the aforementioned
  2. Do not ignore the virus program.
  3. Have a pop-up blocker running as well (it doesn't catch them all, but, it'll cut down the load)
  4. Never download anything from the sites! (If you can watch a video on YouTube, you don't need to update anything)

A proper site, hosting a video, will often simply be a list of links to another site with the actual video on it. The actual site that has the ability to stream the movie will likely be a file storage site such as "No "downloader" programs are needed, no "updates" are required. Just simply push play.

Though, that can be tricky as well. A good rule with finding the play button: if it opens up a new window, you hit the wrong one.

The Problem With Streaming Movie Sites

Sites claiming to have pirated movies are often simply attempts to trick the viewer into downloading malicious software or entering personal information for identity theft. These sites can be harmful, not only to computers, but, gullible people as well.

You might be thinking, "Sure, but, I'm not one of those people.". Well, you'd be entirely wrong. Anyone and everyone can fall for trickery played out over the Internet and sites claiming free versions of a product you normally pay for, are rife with tricks that can and will often fool EVERYONE.

Beware of the dangers involved with navigating these sites. Piracy by it's very nature is illegal. People pirating movies are already breaking the law by doing so. What harm would it do them to bilk you out of personal information, money or more?

Vote With Your Dollars

Given that sites like Primewire and Vodly are still in operation goes to show that there is a pretty high and lucrative demand for pirated movies. Legally, it's a HUGE crime against an industry already struggling to cope with modern technology. So, again, if you love movies and want to see them continue to develop and change, keep them profitable.

You vote with your dollars. Buy the Blu-ray or Special Edition of whatever movie you'd like to see more of. Without something to show for it, movie creators might finally beat not making movies at all.

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    • abyssinal profile image

      Elton Edgar 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      You can always use a browser plugin to turn off Flash pop ups and an ad blocker. It works for me 99% of the time.

    • profile image

      jane 2 years ago

      the only thing bothers me when i go to a website to watch movies online, all popups and ads everywhere. It is kinda annoying and makes it difficult to watch or stream movies. I have been looking for alternatives lately and i have found that website to watch movies online. At least no popups anywhere :) here:

    • profile image

      Brenian Kun 2 years ago

      Meh, Read a lot of the stuff online and I've only used a couple of streaming sites before but when I wanna watch HD movies online I'd go to,, or for TV Series I'd go to

    • profile image

      Jimmy 3 years ago

      I've found my answer here