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How am I lucky? Having GOD on my side, I am blessed.

Updated on August 12, 2012
Feel    it is a music video shoot I was
Feel it is a music video shoot I was | Source

I know better now, long time ago I was stupid, thank GOD I smartened up.

You know, you learn from your mistakes.

What I do know, before I was desperate, so I ended up settling for less than what I deserved.

Now I try to inspire other woman, and talked with girls, not to settle and make the mistakes I did,

because you end up in a dead end.

Surround yourself with intelligent people, who actually strive to make themselves, better,

and not just sit and feed off the system.

I am happy everyday to actually wake up in house and glad to know, and yes I am

saying again, to not live in the projects on Welfare, and I know now, that if

my life didn't take a turn, the way it did, I never would be waking up in house,

I probably would have been stuck someone unhappy and bitter, like alot of people.

Thank GOD I don't have to use a man, or had to ever get myself knocked up, to keep

a paycheck.

I actually like working and having a pay check.

I also am happy to say, that I am working on my dreams and my film,

The Dishwasher, can get to Jackie Chan and I know I'll work with him afterwards.

Now I am working on my dreams..

Right now I'm working on a great film Falcyyr and I'm playing a lead, and taking

horseback riding lessons and will have to prepare for the fight scenes and such.

I know in life, I am not afraid.

There are people so full of hot air, you just laugh and keep laughing, because

their is no need to have the last laugh, when indeed I laugh everyday,

cause I have a really great life.

In fact I know not many people will ever get to do what I do, so I am thankful.

I am glad I don't have mommy and daddy to bail me out of anything, and

do everything that I'm suppose to be doing.

In fact I am glad that I have had a job for so many years now, paying taxes,

I actually paid back the money I had used, while I was on welfare, and proud

of doing that...actually have a tax return is almost like a bank account,

because if you work and pay taxes, well guess, you can get a check at

the end of the year...and you can put it towards things.

So having a normal life now, where I am content and in fact, where I live,

I actually step out and in my own backyard, a nice waterfall, and it is nice

to be able to enjoy myself and glad to build on my dreams.

I don't regret anything in life, cause mistakes in my past,

well it has made me smart now.

I could go on and on, but doing something special,

so later on I might just write more..

I feel lucky to have many things that I have always

wanted to do in life...a radio show, films,

and everything coming my way.

You know anybody can actually do this...


I know good things to come those,

who don't wait,

but to those that actually work,

their butt's off..

I will write more quotes later

cause actually I have tons of qutoes

on my facebook page, that I have been

taking and making an album...

in fact it's kind of nice to see the date

I actually posted them first, and

was able to pass them on...

so indeed I like inspiring people.


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