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How hot is it

Updated on September 21, 2010

How hot is it?!?!?!?!

How hot is it?! Muy Caliente HOT!i! When a cup of water don't even hit the spot. Then you try to drink down your tears from the pain you caused others for so many years.

The sun, beating down on your body, feels like fire. You're cursing at the Devil and calling God a liar. Promising yourself that you're not going to change. Like the TITANIC, they'll remember your name.

You're wading through trenches and waddling through ditches. Nothing can save you not even your riches. Everyone around seems to have gone insane.  Digging down in graves for gold teeth, gold rings and chains.

Reminiscing bout the time when u used 2 drive a porsche. Now, on your knees eating a carcass of a horse. Hauck 2 spit. A mouth full of maggots. Down 2 your lowest point. Saying your prayers cause you're scared. Then pull the trigger and point. BLAM!!! Because u did it backwards........this is a brand new joint!!!

Gold rings and chains your finding and, as your giving, all you see is teeth. To the insane and normal and all you do is reap. Riches you keep receiving and through the trenches you roam to give them away.

Like the TITANIC, they don't understand it, why your name never fade. Because you've changed, your life remains!

GOD's your sire! The Devil's a liar!! Your walking in the sun. You feel the fire and your body's submerged with caring, with the giving and the sharing of love.

From years blessing, there is no stressing and there's tears of joy. You drank of the cup and your cup runneth over. The END is now the BEGGINNING and the BEGGINNING is now the END!!!

You thought your life was over before it begun. Now your life is joy and laughter and you're walking in the SON!!!!!!!!!



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    • profile image

      renee thomas 7 years ago

      very nice tyrone. very inspiratinal words as always keep it up sweetheart you are such a blessing in so many ways god bless you!