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How to Be Comfortable in any Situation

Updated on September 11, 2014

Relax! The Art of Being Comfy

There is hardly a person alive who wouldn't like to know something or other about being comfortable. It is a lost art and one which is getting loster by the day (I know 'loster' is not a proper word, but it is a word, because I just wrote it and if you have any objections I suggest you keep them to yourself.)

Now being comfortable was at one time something everyone knew how to do. Just look at the advertisements in those old Life Magazines and see how comfortable people looked.

They were smiling and having a lark while checking their oil or filling the furnace with coal, or powdering their baby's bottoms. No matter what they did back then, if they had to do it, they would do it with aplomb (now there's a word for your vocabulary notebook--you do keep one don't you?...because I'm always tossing out those kind of words and you will want to keep a running record of them all so you can use the notebook later this winter for kindling--there's another word--kindling--you may want to write it down as well.)

I Discover the Principles of Comfort

Everyone is different, or so I am told, and so everyone no doubt finds different things which make them comfortable, as opposed to things which other people may find comforting.

But in general, there are principles of comfort which I believe, apply across the board to everyone. These principles came to me one night when I was tossing and turning in bed, trying to sleep and not being able to until I removed the cactus plant that had accidentally fallen into my bed off the windowsill.

This simple occurrence gave me a flood of ideas on the subject of comfort, and what makes us comfortable, and after I put the cactus back and plucked the needles from my dermus, I wrote them all down:

  1. Pillows. Pillows are essential to comfort,and usually the larger and softer the better. You should always have at least one pillow wherever you go. Keep it in your briefcase possibly as that way it will serve the dual-purpose of 'looking' like you are working, but in fact you are satisfying your comfort level. Use them frequently and everywhere throughout the day.

  2. Heating pad. This is good for sore muscles and making you feel warm. You need to feel warm if you are going to doze off and of course dozing-off is part and parcel of being comfy. Grease is not the word--Comfy is the Word and don't forget it.

  3. Chocolate bars. It is a bone of contention amongst comfort-seekers as to which kind is best--white or dark chocolate--but whichever you choose make sure your pockets are filled with it. Eat it in private if possible, as the more you give away to those drooling witnesses to your secret chocolate stash, the less chocolate (and hence comfort) you will have, and you don't want that. No no no. That's not the way, and you're not listening to all I say...(as the old Mowtown song puts it so musically.)

The Pleasure Principle is Paramount

You want to stay comfortable, once you have got 'there' as long as possible. You want to stay on the plain of comfort and not leave it unless forced to do so by those who cannot comprehend your need (dare I say your addiction?) to comfort.

Don't let the opinionaas of those who would pull you off your pleasure-perch, your comfy-couch or your leisure-lounger affect you. They don't understand. They think, silly things, that you are just being lazy, but you know different.

You belong to a special club--the enlighten ones who understand the value of comfort and how it is the only thing in life worth pursuing.

That and white-chocolate.

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