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How to Become a Ventriloquist

Updated on April 9, 2012
Buffalo Bob Smith and Howdy Doody
Buffalo Bob Smith and Howdy Doody

Ventriloquism has entertained people of different age groups for centuries. It was once called as belly-talking since people believed that the sounds came from the belly. It is somewhat easy to become a good ventriloquist if the person wanting to learn knows how to become a ventriloquist or has a good teacher.

There are many guides and tutorials written by all levels of ventriloquists that describe how to become a ventriloquist. To learn the best way to throw your voice convincingly, anyone who wants to be a ventriloquist should consider obtaining lessons from an expert.

Here are some tips for how to be a good ventriloquist:

  • First thing one should learn to become a successful ventriloquist is to speak without any lip movement. The best way to learn to speak without lip movement is to keep a finger in your mouth as if you are trying to tell someone to keep quiet and then speaking as doing like this will prevent the movement of lips. Some letters which includes B, N, and M can be substituted with some others words like "neh" for N in order to minimize lip movement.
  • Voice plays an important role in ventriloquism, so the person learning this skill should give a lot of importance to training their voice. First of all, they need to objectively analyze how their voice is. They should first understand whether their voice is fast or slow, loud or soft, and easy to understand. It is best to change their puppet’s voice to an opposite tone than their natural tone.
  • A way to change the voice is to force the sound from deep inside the throat and also to force the voice from deep inside from diaphragm. The voice often matches stereotypes of the ventriloquism puppet. If the character isn’t intelligent and lazy, the voice should be low and slow. Voice is the important thing which gives life to the character.
  • A ventriloquist may want to choose a character or partner that contrasts the personality of the ventriloquist. This is good way so while choosing the partner one should keep in mind that the appearance of the partner should be different from the ventriloquist's appearance so that they can provide illusion to the audience that they aren’t same person.
  • After doing the above mentioned things, the ventriloquist should try to think that the character is alive so that it will be easier to make the audience feel that their character is alive.

These ventriloquism tips will help a person learn how to become a ventriloquist, but this is only an introduction to this skill. Expert instruction can help the people learn ventriloquism and develop their skills in order to become a professional ventriloquist.


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    • Hot Rod Loves You profile image

      R. Fritz 5 years ago from Houston, TX.

      This was really awesome, thanks, I am really into ventriloquism. I like Jeff Dunham better than Terry Fator just because I think he's funnier but Terry Fator seems to have a wider variety of talent because he also does impressions and his characters can sing and sound just like real famous people.