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How to Become an Audience Member for a Live TV Show Taping

Updated on June 21, 2016

It's Your Time To Shine! (from a distance)

There are many television shows that need studio audiences, and it may be a good idea for you to attempt to be in one! It is generally free to be a part of a studio audience, and you have the chance of being seen on television, as well as gaining insight into how TV shows are made. Plus, you'll also get the entertainment of seeing the show. This article will tell you how to be in a studio audience.


Some programs will advertise upcoming opportunities to be a part of a studio audience at the end of the program sometimes. This doesn't happen very frequently and probably isn't worth tuning into a show specifically for that, but if you already are watching the show it's something to keep an eye out for at the end of the show or in commercial breaks.

Program Websites

Check the websites of local shows with studio audiences, as many will post on their website if they are looking for studio audience members. You may need to fill out a form, or contact them through an email address.

Try flicking through a TV guide for inspiration and ideas. Don't forget pay tv shows as well, even if you don't have pay tv!

Google It!

Try typing in something along the lines of:

"studio audience (your city name)"

and see what pops up!

Things to Keep In Mind

Quiz Shows

Know what you're getting yourself into!!! Know how long filming will take. Some quiz shows allow contestants time to think, which could be a very long time, which is fair enough when they're playing for large amounts of money. But it's not exactly riveting viewing (which is why they cut it out of the TV program).

Talent Shows

If appropriate, give standing ovations whenever possible. If they pan to the audience after a performer, you'll stand out.

Other ways to get on TV

Is being in the audience not working out for you? Want more of the spotlight on you? Welll, here are some other ideas of ways to get on TV.

Be Interviewed On A Sensationalist News Program

Have you been mildly inconvenienced by something? Well, time to make it into a dramatic piece of fiction! Don't do this yourself... just contact a tabloid-style "news" show and let them do the work for you.

They'll add mood-building music and a threat to the general public then you're ready to go. Have fun!

Try out for reality TV shows

There are so many reality TV shows out there! Talent shows such as American Idol, Survivor, X-Factor and The Amazing Race. Brainy ones such as Letters and Numbers, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and other quiz shows. And TV shows that require less smarts and talent, like Deal or No Deal.

To get on TV: go on the websites of TV channels in your area. Most will have information about their shows on there. See if you can find out information about how to apply in there. It's most likely the TV shows will only accept auditions at certain times... put them in your calendar!

Tip: Even if you don't get accepted into the TV show you can still be on television. Go to an open casting call (where everyone from the public can just rock up) for a show such as the X Factor or American Idol. Some formulas for success:

  • Tell the judges how great at singing you are (probably better than the judges themselves) and then suck. Bonus points if you pick a fight with the judges afterwards! (don't be incredibly nasty though... judges are people too.)
  • Wear a stupid costume
  • Actually have talent

Do Some Commercial Work

Chances are you'll know some people who have been on TV commercials. For me, it's:

  • my cousin
  • my sister's friend's Mum
  • my friend's Dad
  • some girl from my old high school

See? Heaps of people are on TV commercials. There's no reason you shouldn't be one of them. So how do you get on TV commercials? There actually is a bit of effort involved here. Get in touch with a talent casting company, or a commercial agency. Some acting lessons won't hurt your chances either.

Get A Part In A TV Show

If acting's your thing, why not try to get a small part in a TV show? Like commercials, this does involve a bit of effort and skill. Do some acting classes, and get in touch with some local talent agencies.

Tip: Be careful! There are a lot of dodgy companies out there that would like nothing more than to scam you. Use your common sense- don't pay for anything that sounds suspicious to get a job, and if something sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Hang Outside The Courtroom When A Big Case Is Going on

If there's a well-publicised court case going on in your area, you can get on TV by hanging out outside the courthouse. You may get in the background of the shot when the big baddie does his walk of shame from the courthouse to the car, with all of those cameras recording him (or her).

There is a question of morals here, since most of the publicised cases are quite horrific... maybe it's not right to gain from them. But the possibility is there!

Be A Bonehead

Building on from the idea of getting into the background at a courtroom, why not try to get into the background elsewhere? "Bonehead" essentially means stupid person, which is applicable because I'm sure most of us have seen those people that get in the background of a news camera shot and act like idiots? Guess what- that could be you!

Tip: Be at a newsworthy event. Look out for those cameras!

The Chaser's War on Everything - Bonehead Challenge

Have Something Cool For Antiques Roadshow

Do you have something that looks kinda fancy at your home? Why not bring it down to the folks at Antiques Roadshow? There is the UK version (filming dates for 2012 here) and several other countries have their own version. See if your country does and find the filming dates.

Tip: If you don't have anything that looks right, check whether your friends and family do. If they do, offer to get it valued for them for free. Chances are they'll say yes, and it's a win-win situation! They get their item priced, and you get the possibility to finally get on TV.

Be In A Fluff News Piece

Have you got a large collection of scarves or kitten figurines? Have you worked in the same bar for 50 years? "Community" pieces at the end of the news are a great way to get your five (not fifteen) minutes of fame if you can brainstorm an angle for yourself.

To get on TV:

  1. Find a local news show that does include fluffy pieces.
  2. Go on their website and find the most appropriate email address.
  3. Email them, making yourself sound very interesting. Maybe include a relevant picture of yourself/your story?


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