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How to Create Your Own Laser Show

Updated on May 27, 2015

Cool Laser Show

What's the Deal

Lasers are just about the coolest things on the planet. They glow for miles on end, they stay relatively the same diameter about as far as the eye can see, and its one of the few things you need a permit for by the FAA just to turn it on. You think I'm exaggerating? The FAA requires anyone putting on a laser show that is planning on sending beams up into the sky actually need a permit for this. One main reason is because these beams can travel up to 30 miles into the sky. But lasers are so versatile that they have been able to do more than we could ever imagine. They can be used for doctors and dermatologists, policemen, long distance pointers, and some outstanding light shows. This article will talk about the more fun side of lasers.

DJ Lasers are not as expensive as you think. They can be used for a variety of things, and are a big head turner. Don't think you can afford one for your next party? Well, maybe you're right, but you can find a decent club laser nowadays for about $200.00. This won't have all the bells and whistles as lasers you would find at Coachella or Burning Man, but they will surely be bright enough and will certainly get the party started, Right. When selecting a laser for a small event, one main thing you want to look for is portability. Lasers can be very cumbersome, but others are smaller than desktop projectors these days. They are great for a small to mid-sized parties, or to be coupled with larger lighting displays. Small club lasers come in more color choices than larger lasers, but also generally only have one beam.

A Club Laser projector is great for actual venues like Coachella's Sahara Tent, as lasers run as rampant as naked girls at Burning Man. These large lasers can have up to 4 actual laser units in each series.

Lasers can be operated in a number of ways. They can be sound activated, where they simply dance to the music. Other lasers can be hooked up to computers and special programs can be the puppeteers of the laser. These can provide their own shows and can be specific to each artist that music is joined with. Some lasers thanks to new software can actually create special patterns made in 3DS Max or other photo editing software. These lasers shows are perfect for ballgames, or large events wanting to drive traffic or create a large impact.

No matter what your reason is for buying a laser, they add an awful lot of fun to many things.


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    • profile image

      GhoStCLP 7 years ago from San Diego

      This is great! I'm in the market for a laser!

    • profile image

      CASPERpage 7 years ago

      I want a laser in my house!