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How to Dance Salsa, Colombian Style

Updated on April 26, 2013
Cali competition
Cali competition | Source

If one would like to learn to dance salsa then one should go to the “Salsa Capital of the World” Cali, Colombia. The best salsa dancers come from Cali, Colombia consistently win the world championships. Salsa dancing is a national past time. Everyone in Colombia loves their salsa.

Because not everyone will want to travel to Cali, Colombia to learn salsa, I have included a couple of videos that should help one learn to dance salsa. Salsa is a dance style that requires more practice and patience than other Latin dance styles.

Salsa is a dance form that supposedly began in Cuba. Salsa evolved from many different Latin and Afro-Caribbean dances. This evolution spanned many years and many countries. The word salsa was coined in New York.

There are several styles of salsa dancing:

Colombian / Cali style
Cuban “Casino” style
Miami-style Casino
Rueda de Casino
Los Angeles style
New York style

Colombian / Cali Style

The Cali style of salsa dancing is also known as Colombian salsa. The dance step is different than some of the other salsa stlyes. The dance step is a bit faster and there are some of leg movements that are not utilized. This dance style was developed in Cali, Colombia, and has developed into a very popular form of salsa. The Cali or Colombian style has been successful in winning many titles. Cali, the city in Colombia that is known as the Salsa Capital of the World, hosts many salsa dancing contests and a fair called "Feria de Cali. In the Feria de Cali, salsa dancing is a major theme. Calenos (people from Cali), are very proud of their reputation as the Salsa Capital of the World.

In the clubs and discos of Colombia people dance whatever style or version they like. Many of the styles are home made.

Here is a video to help you learn how to dance salsa. This is one of the better videos that I have seen for the purpose of learning the salsa.

Here is a video of pair dancing salsa in a Cali club. This will give one an idea of the skills of the average Colombian club dancer.

I have been living in Cali Colombia for about three years and I have been gradually trying to learn to dance salsa. My wife is a very patient teacher. I have learned many types of Latin dancing styles over the years, but I find salsa to be the most difficult to learn.

If one is interested in seeing some competition salsa dancing, there are several on Youtube.


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