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How to Find an Acting Agency

Updated on April 10, 2013
Find an acting agency to make the most of your talent.
Find an acting agency to make the most of your talent. | Source

If you want to become an actor, you need to have an agent. The problem is that there are plenty of scam artists out there and it can be difficult to find out whether an agent is legitimate or not. Luckily, with a bit of research, you can find someone that will represent you and will help you find the acting work that you want.

Don’t pick the first agent that you find – legitimate or not. Not all agents will take you as they will consider the types of roles that you are suited for and the type of acting you do – stage, screen etc. It is important to find someone who will work with your talents, find the best opportunities and talk to the various companies and producers to negotiate terms and contracts.

Finding an Acting Agency for You

Searching online can help you find out the names of agencies in your local area. The benefit of this is you can spend the time doing the research on each one and find out more about them. Make a list of all the names that you find and do a search on each one; if they are scams, there are high chances that people will be on the Internet to warn you about them.

Ask your friends about whether they have had any experience with the acting agencies that you’ve found. It’s probable that some of your friends in your acting classes or even your acting coach has heard of some of the names or had experience with them. When you go to the theater to watch a performance, don’t run away at the end. Go to the stage door and wait for the actors. This is a great chance to pick up tips from them and also find out who represents them.

It is also worth checking the phone book (or the online version) for the contact details of acting agencies. The legitimate ones will pay for adverts and listings to make sure they’re known. You could also consider contacting the local advertising associations to find out about the companies that advertise through them.

Books to Help with Acting

Meeting the Agents Face to Face

Once you have a short list of the names of the acting agencies that you want to visit, make an appointment with them. It’s best to meet at the agency building so you can get a good feel for the company. Most scams will not have a set building and will want you to meet at a hotel room; this is something to avoid at all costs.

Always meet during working hours and at the agency building. This not only protects you from scams but also gives you a chance to check out others who are signed with them. Take a look around the office while you’re there. Agencies will be proud of the actors that they have had and seen go far, so there will be photos around the place. This is also a chance to find out how much the phone rings; a busy office is a very good sign.

Just because an agency looks great doesn’t mean that it is the right one for you. You need to question whether you feel comfortable with the agent and whether you can talk freely. Feeling pressured or rushed will not help you find acting jobs at a later date so you need to take a step back and think again.

Have a list of questions that you want to ask about the agency ready; you should be making this list every time you think of a new question that you want to ask. The list will help you seem prepared, which is something that they will look for, and will help you remember everything that you want to know.

Talk to the Actors

If you get a chance, talk to the actors who are signed with the agency. This gives you the chance to find out more and make sure they’re reputable. Some actors may wish that they’d signed with someone else while others may rave about their experience. Some of the top questions to ask including:

  • How much work have they got from the agency?
  • How often does the agent call with opportunities?
  • Are the opportunities in the area the area the actor wants to work in?
  • Do they get paid on time each month?
  • Is their contract fair?

Take some time to do your research. That’s the best way to make sure you find a legitimate agency who’s fair to all actors. Spend some time finding agents within the area of acting you’re interested in and talk to them personally. This gives you the chance to make sure you’ll be able to get along with them and feel comfortable.


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