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How to Have Better Odds at Winning the Lottery

Updated on June 2, 2013

Is it all just a game of chance?

Well, actually it is. For the most part atleast. But, there are number patterns and frequencies that can seem to have a sort of consistent pattern to them. You have to understand that it is a lottery game,and if it wasn't a game of chance, then the lottery would not even exist because they would be paying out so much money! You have to keep calm and realize the odds are actually stacked against you. Sad but true. Very true. There are ways to overcome the ever powerful lottery commission though. Just takes some research and some understanding from you, the lottery player. Ready to play? Get set! Go!

Watch the odds

Another thing- pay attention! Scratch off games are all printed with the odds of winning on the back. Use this to your advantage. You can also look at the odds, and how many winning tickets are left online. Go for the tickets with better odds to improve your chances of winning. Nobody wants to waste money on losing tickets, and of course everybody will undoubtedly run into those. But you CAN improve your chances if you watch. I noticed with a certain ticket that was recently put out in Pennsylvania. It is a $500 cash frenzy ticket, and the idea of this ticket is that there are a LOT of $500 winners. But there is a catch. Don't expect to find as many small winners, such as $5,$10,etc. To make up for the fact of printing more $500 winners, they printed less of the smaller amounts that keep you happy and make you feel like you won something. Instead you will invest more money trying to win the $500 because there are less small winners to keep supplementing your pocket with money along the way between winning and losing. And eventhough they printed more of the $500 winners, don't for one second think that it's easy to find one!

Number patterns

If you really are wanting to beat the odds, it takes a lot of luck and a little bit of time searching for number patterns. Most state lottery games have past winning number charts posted online for people to view at their convenience, therefore allowing you to find sets of lucky numbers over a given time period. Use that to your advantage! You wouldn't jump into a lake not knowing how to swim, and the same goes for the lottery. Don't play until you first study number patterns.

Other people swear that they have had a lot of luck by playing similar number patterns. For example, say the number 839 comes out on the day time drawing. Often times you will notice that the same number played differently (938,or 389 for example), will hit on the next night time drawing, or the next day drawing. Also it will often happen to where it will be a similar number as the previous drawing. So say the number was 839 in this example, you might want to play 834, or 837. I've seen this happen so many times, and to see for yourself all you have to do is look at past drawings. This is an odd pattern, and I don't know if it is just by chance or not,. But it's worth trying it that way.

Buy at different retailers

Also with instant scratch off games, try buying from different stores. Don't walk into the same store every single day and buy from the same place. Mix it up a little. Buy when you're at the gas station one day,or when you're at K-mart stocking up on toiletries another day. I know personally a woman who has an actual routine of different places where she goes to buy, and she has hit big money on different occasions. She actually hit big enough to retire from her teaching job the first time, and continues to play and win.

Know when to stop while you're ahead

Knowing when to throw in the towel is very important. A lot of people get it through their head that there HAS to be a big winner coming up in that pack. This is after they have already lost say $50 or so. At this point, it is usually best to turn around and walk away. When you ultimately are throwing away more money than you're winning, it's not really worth it anymore. It's very easy to get lost in the scratching and not realize until you leave that you are walking out of the store broke! Don't fall victim to this. Use common sense and stop when you have already lost continuously.

Win it and quit it

Also please remember, $1 and $2 tickets may be fun to scratch, and it might feel good to only lose a couple bucks if you don't come out a winner. But these are basically a great way to waste money. A lot of times you will win back a free ticket, or maybe a couple dollars. You can win more, and I have done it, but your odds at winning bigger are much higher on the more expensive tickets. Stick to buying atleast $3 tickets and up if you expect to hit anything worthwhile occasionally. And even the $3 ticket is pushing it.

Another major thing to remember. If you just hit even $50 on a scratch off ticket at one store, do not cash it in at the same store and buy another. Don't even cash it in that same day. Wait a couple of days and then cash it somewhere else from where you purchased it. It works. I don't know why but it does. Think about it, you just hit big at that store. Your chances of hitting big again are pretty slim, but the chances are even slimmer that you will win big back to back at the same exact place. It's OK to test the waters, but don't leave the store broke as a joke! Keep on playing and best of luck in your lottery playing!


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