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How to Keep from Getting Too Scared While Watching a Horror Movie

Updated on June 19, 2013

Movies are usually entertaining and can give an individual a kick from his/her normal life.

There are different genres of movies. Some of us like watching scary movies, but alas get overwhelmed while watching or being in such a surrounding.

How to continue with our passion without getting disturbed?

Do not fear. Below are some tricks that you can play with your mind while you get a thrill out of watching a horror movie.

Let’s begin with the scientific part.

The Centres of the Mind
The Centres of the Mind | Source

Our brain consists of our mind, which has been divided into the conscious mind and sub-conscious mind.

The conscious mind is our outer awareness and is considered the weaker and a smaller mind since it constitute only about 10%. The conscious mind helps man to analyze things, and help to think and plan.

The subconscious mind is the inner awareness and is considered the powerful and the larger mind since it constitutes the 90% of our brain and helps with our emotions and feelings. Our habits, relationship patterns, and involuntary bodily functions such as breathing and heart beating, creativity, spiritual connection and our intuitions are governed by our subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is the top layer while the subconscious mind is the bottom layer. If the conscious mind is getting scared, then the subconscious mind will tend to fear.

Thus, we need to program our mind in such a way that the top layer is at ease; thus the bottom layer will not be subdued by its feelings or emotions.

Tips to control our conscious mind

  • Watch a scary movie with company. Try not to be alone.

  • If watching the movie at home. Keep the lights on while watching the movie. Dark surroundings can intimidate the mind and put scary thoughts in the conscious mind, which will make the subconscious mind jump with fear.

  • If watching the movie in a theater; cover your eyes or look down when a scary part is playing. Distractions always support the conscious mind, and it will not carry the waves to the subconscious mind thus avoiding us to be afraid.

  • Keep your mouth busy by eating or gulping something. Munching or gulping will help confuse your conscious mind, which in turn can avoid being frightened.

  • Talk to your conscious mind, “this is fiction” Saying that repeatedly will help you avoid getting scared.

  • Once the movie finishes. Try to discuss it with your friends or family with whom you have seen the movie. Discuss the logistics behind it, laugh out the scary scenes. This will help erase those scared moments in your conscious mind, and that will help to avoid your subconscious mind getting scared.

  • Music also plays a pivotal role when watching a horror movie. If watching a movie at home, mute the volume. You will be surprised how you react to the scary scene. It won’t be that scary at all.

  • If watching the movie in a theater. You could put a set of earplugs and listen to some other music from your phone. This will entertain you and not scare you.


Man is an intelligent animal. Being aware of how we can program our mind can help us overcome being afraid while watching a horror movie or any other scenario in our life.

Analyze what scares you while watching a horror movie. Try to avoid it by putting distractions in that path by either covering your eyes or ears to block that scene from entering your conscious mind.

Be the master of your mind, and control your passions and fears!


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