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How to Learn the Piano and Play it Like a Pro: Depending on Your Budget or Even If You Don't Have Any Budget at All!

Updated on September 3, 2014
An example of a Grand Piano
An example of a Grand Piano | Source

Things that You Need!

  • A piano or at least a keyboard or an organ! Any of these will be sufficient enough for a beginner! Although some songs require the 88-keys of a piano so you might want to consider that.
  • Time. If you don't have the luxury or even just 10 minutes every day of your time, then you will just be wasting something precious. Learning the piano is not as easy as you think it would be.
  • Dedication. Most people find more success if they're dedicated enough, and you could be successful in learning the piano if you have the passion to learn!
  • Money. If you want a quicker way to learn this melodic instrument, then you will probably prefer some tips below if you have the budget! As I said, you could learn the piano without spending a single cent so don't worry about this one!

We need to clear things first!

Just because you saw those skilled pianists in YouTube playing the piano like they don't exert any effort anymore, just remember - you could actually be one of them!

And if you think that learning this beautiful instrument is easy as singing ABC or counting 123 then you will probably be disappointed. Playing the piano is actually a skill. A skill that someone could master if he/she is just willing enough to exert effort, time and dedication to sit on the piano bench and start working on these lessons I will share to you!

(Let's be clear first, when I said you could learn the piano without any budget at all, I assumed you have the actual instrument yourself, because you will never be getting any piano for free!)

So you stumbled in this hub because you find it interesting to learn how to play the piano! Don't worry, months from now, you will finally be able to play your favorite song in the radio that way you want to play it, with just the keys of the piano! And hopefully, you might be able to create your original tunes too.

Yiruma, one of the famous modern pianist
Yiruma, one of the famous modern pianist | Source

First Method: Self-Help!

I, myself, learned how to play the piano using this method. There was this point in my life when I was continuously listening to piano music and it felt like the passion was injected into my stem cells. And so, I decided to sit behind the small organ I have at home and began playing the keys. Of course, this is not the most idealistic way to learn how to play it but it will give you a lot of ideas of how all the keys sound together if you try to play each of them. It is like an entrance to the virtuosic scene of playing the soft instrument!

What I suggest is that if you have time to sit behind the instrument like what I did many years ago, is that you need to actually do it. Connect every single note of them and try to decipher how they sound when you play them together. Sooner or later, you will be able to notice that there are a lot of ways to play "Do Ri Mi" than just the single way our music teacher taught us in elementary.

But if you don't like this idea, then you can always move to the next one which seems to be more helpful!

Something to inspire you

Second Method: Ask for Help!

If you knew someone who has expertise in playing the piano, like a sister or an old friend, then do not hesitate to ask him/her to teach you the basics. Never ever jumped to the advance lessons if you want to save a lot of time. Once you know the basics then you will find it will be a lot easier to learn the advance ones!

As for my case, my sister knew how to play the piano and she was the one who taught me the basics. We would sit side by side and I will watch her play a certain song that requires only simple chords to play and she would let me try when she is finished. She would draw a chart of the basic chords I need to play and when she's not around, I would just check them and I will try them playing in the piano. Of course, these so-called piano teachers will teach us in different ways but that's how my sister taught me!

Basic notes of a piano/keyboard
Basic notes of a piano/keyboard | Source

Third Method: Ask for Virtual Help!

If you thought that the Internet is only for Facebook, then you are certainly wrong! I believe you have found quite a lot of useful things here already. Just a little effort with Google and you will find the answers of your assignment, or a recipe you need to cook, or a movie you want to download. Same thing with learning the piano, there are a lot of virtual helps that have been offered for free and they are certainly useful for newbies like you!

Just type these words in Google's search bar "How to Learn the Piano for Beginners" and you will find hundreds of useful written tutorials for you. Believe me, they are more effective than the two mentioned above since you will actually learn all the piano basics without missing something such as the Major and Minor Scales that your sister/friend will not teach you! So yes, if you don't haveMajor and Minor Scales that your sister/friend will not teach you! So yes, if you don't like to spend money in learning this instrument then I suggest this one is the most effective. It is basically like joining a music learning program but for free!

If you don't love reading long essays of explaining how to play it, then you might want to check video tutorials! YouTube is the answer for that. There are thousands of videos that teaches beginners how to play and master the piano, just like the videos in this playlist!

Piano Tutorial Book, Piano for Dummies
Piano Tutorial Book, Piano for Dummies | Source

Fourth Method: Buy Piano Tutorial Books!

If you have enough money to buy piano tutorial books, then I suggest that you will have to buy it! Everything inside that piano tutorial book is needed if you really want to play it like a pro. Books like the Piano for Dummies are full of information, including history, piano theories, and sure-fire techniques that will help you to have no hard time in learning the instrument!

Piano tutorial books will also include piano sheets that will help you hone your skills in reading sheet music that will probably require a lot of time and effort! They also tend to include audio cd's that you will listen in case you are bored of reading long texts. Included in their audio cd's too are sample songs that you need to play in order to play it like a piano master!

Hire a piano teacher!
Hire a piano teacher! | Source

Fifth Method: Hire a Piano Teacher or Join a Piano Tutorial Class

Now if you have a lot of money that you can afford to hire a personal piano teacher or join a piano tutorial class, then I suggest you go for it!

Perhaps the most effective of all the methods I listed above, piano teachers are actually great experts of playing the piano and they will actually teach you how to play it until such time you tell them to stop! If ever you have questions or queries you could personally ask them about it, and they have the answers because they are piano experts! Think about it, they wouldn't be piano teachers if they are not piano masters!

Same goes to the piano tutorial class although, in some cases, they have this so-called Talent's Night where you have to perform in front of a crowd for everybody to witness what you had learned in the piano tutorial class! Sounds interesting huh?

What do you think is the best method suited for your choice?

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    • Laudemhir Jan profile imageAUTHOR

      Laudemhir Jan 

      5 years ago from Davao City, Philippines

      That is very nice to hear Elsie! Learning the piano is for everybody! I hope that some of the methods I listed above will be helpful to you! :)

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      5 years ago from New Zealand

      Thanks for this. I'm a women in my seventies but I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano, it's on my bucket list and I do know the main keys on the piano, time to move on and learn more. Thanks.

    • Laudemhir Jan profile imageAUTHOR

      Laudemhir Jan 

      5 years ago from Davao City, Philippines

      Thank you for your vote Janellegems! I am glad this came useful to you! :)

    • Janellegems profile image


      5 years ago from United States

      Excellent Hub. Very useful and helpful tips to learn and play the piano. Voted up!!!

    • Laudemhir Jan profile imageAUTHOR

      Laudemhir Jan 

      5 years ago from Davao City, Philippines

      I am very glad to hear about that! Hehe, self-help is really essential if you want to help yourself! :)

    • bethperry profile image

      Beth Perry 

      5 years ago from Tennesee

      So interesting! My son taught himself to play the piano and used some of the same ideas you posted here. I think your tips are very on key!


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