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How to Meet Celebrities

Updated on January 16, 2013
Celebrities come in all shapes and sizes
Celebrities come in all shapes and sizes | Source

Everyone awes to meet dignitaries since such individuals have achieved something in life and this has resulted in high respect, in a common man’s eyes.

Every common man wants to know his secrets or take a picture with him or just sit and watch him.

Alas, once these individuals reach the title of being a celebrity, they hire bodyguards around them, which make it extremely difficult to meet them. This has resulted in disappointment in many hearts since their desires have not been fulfilled.

I have a few tips on how to meet these VIP’s, and if worked upon them with poise; your dream could come true.

Some of the tips are:

  • Chalk down your list of celebrities that you want to meet.

  • Follow them on Twitter.

  • Search on the Internet for the city they live in.

  • Try to focus on celebrities who live in the same city. This will help you meet them all in one visit.

  • Once in the city. You could also check out the celebrity house. Just in case, they are spotted there.

  • Check out their twitter status or the latest celebrity news via a newspaper or tabloids, and find what is happening in their lives.

Once you know where they are about to make an appearance:

  • Read about the celebrity fashion and try to adapt some of her/his tips on you. That could also be a conversation initiator.

  • Arrive early to the venue.

  • Remain casual and have a couple of sentences memorized when given a chance to meet your celebrity. You don’t want to barf at that time and lose the moment of exchanging a few dialogues with him/her.

  • Wait for your turn and do not create a scene by pushing people around.

  • The celebrity could be attracted to you seeing a similar style in your dressing or by your attitude, which consists of composure and poise and yet the urge to meet him/her.

The moment has arrived. You actually are face to face with your celebrity.

A Word of Caution: Do not go Overboard.

What to do?

Once the moment arrives. Smile calmly and start an intelligent conversation. Omit introducing yourself since they hardly remember the names unless they can associate you with something. So, come straight to the talk. Talk about the event they are there for.

A few examples could be:

  • If it is a charity event. Appreciate what they are doing for humanity.

  • If it is a Film set. Do your homework and read as much as you can about the film and try to initiate a talk related to part the celebrity is playing. Associate it with some another influential personality.

  • If it is a concert. Praise a song in particular and talk how it influences your life.

  • If it is an award show. Praise the celebrity for the roles he/she has been nominated for. If you meet the celebrity after the award show. Praise and congratulate him/her for the award and why it deserved the award in FEW lines.

Chances are that the celebrity will ask for your name since, you initiated an intelligent conversation.

Utter your name with confidence and give a tag line about you (be honest), while extending your hand towards your celebrity for a handshake and you could even request your celebrity if it is okay for a picture with you.

Example: I am Richard, a writer for HubPages.

Your Celebrity will remember this!

Chances are he/she will ask you some questions. If not, do not take it personally. They are a public figure.

Bid Adiós to your celebrity and start walking away.

Adios! | Source

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