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How to Record Radio for Free?

Updated on October 14, 2014

In this age of Internet, we have a choice to choose between thousands of radio stations around the world. There are applications built for streaming internet radio on computers and smart phones. They give you the access to all these radio stations for free. But if you want to record a radio track or radio show, most of them ask you to upgrade. Though there are few services, which allow you to record radio streams for free. We will see these free internet radio applications in this hub.

Record Radio for Free on Computer

Radio Sure is a free Internet radio player. It offers more than 17000 radio stations. This is the only radio player that I know for the computer which offers recording for free. This radio player also has the pro version, but you can record unlimited radio streams in the free version itself. This version also allows 2 simultaneous recording instances. Download and install Radio Sure on your computer.

Play the radio station of your choice. There is a red circle icon on the player. See the image. Click on that circle to start recording the radio stream. All your recordings get stored in the Radio Sure folder.

You can change the default folder to save recordings form the recording options. It is possible to automatically split recordings by tracks and avoid duplicate recordings. You can also set the bitrate for the recording of a track. Advertisements can be skipped, but it is a pro version feature.

Radio Sure for Computer

Record Radio Shows on Computer for Free
Record Radio Shows on Computer for Free

Audials Radio for Android

Record Radio Tracks for Free
Record Radio Tracks for Free

Record Radio for Free on Smart Phone

Recently, I came across a radio application that allows you to record radio streams on Android phone for free. The name of this app is Audials. This app is available for Android, iPhone and Windows phones. Install and open Audials. There are more than 50000 radio stations.

Play the radio station of your choice. Touch "Record" to start recording the stream. You can either record and cut tracks or continuously record the stream. This choice is given in the record options. See Image.

Once you record the stream, it gets visible below that radio station. It also becomes accessible from the home of Audials app. You can find all the recorded streams from the "Recordings" section. Set the storage location from Import/Export and storage settings. You can watch the review of this application below.

Audials Android App Review

Default FM Radio Player on Mobie

There is an fm radio player on every smart phone by default. You can listen local radio stations on that player. Some mobile handsets allow you to record FM radio. You can buy a mobile phone that supports this feature. The player saves the recorded files in a folder.

Search Recorded Radio Shows - Podcasts

It is not always necessary to save radio shows yourself. You can search the Podcast episodes of the recorded radio shows. You just need a Podcast application, like iTunes. If you use Android phone, I recommend using Podcast Addict or Podkicker. There is a search engine within these apps. Search the podcast feed of your favorite radio show. If you find one, you can subscribe to it. Podcast allows you to download the podcast episodes. This makes it possible to listen your favorite radio shows at your time. Many well known radio stations like, BBC regularly upload their shows to the different radio podcasts.

Paid Radio Recorders

Though this article is about free radio recorders, I would like to mention two very useful paid smart phone applications briefly at the end.

Tunein radio is the most popular internet radio application for the smart phone. This application makes it easy to listen thousands of radio stations and podcasts around the world. The free version of this app is limited and you can only record the radio stream, if you upgrade to its pro version. is another very good application for listening online radio. I used to have this app, as it takes less internal memory than Tunein. Tunein Pro is almost ten times expensive than PRIME. The prime version enables you to record the radio station.

These are some application that can help to record live radio streams. You can listen to the recorded tracks later at your convenience. If you find this hub helpful, do not forget to share it with your social circles.

© 2014 Rohan Jagtap


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