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How to Start Your Own Gospel Record Label

Updated on January 24, 2013
You may become the next top name in the gospel charts
You may become the next top name in the gospel charts | Source

Why Gospel Music?

If you want to start a gospel record label, you are not alone. The gospel music industry is a million dollar industry that rakes in millions of dollars every year. Many who have done so before successfully have gone on to become world renowned artists. You could be on your way to becoming the next top name in the gospel charts. You just need to know how to do it right. If you feel that you have the gift or you can get good talent, you can easily create your own music and sell it without spending so much money. Since gospel music is entails entering into the Christian world, you may need to understand that you will not be making music for the sake of it. That you may do but it may not go very far. People may soon realize that you are in it just for the money. Many have fallen into the trap of creating any music and throwing in a few Christian words and phrases. While that does sell at times, it adds no perpetual effect. However music that has depth and purpose, regardless of the genre chosen, may be played for years and years to come. As you seek to advocate the gospel message to the world through music, start by letting that gospel change you and your life. To start your gospel label you can follow the following simple steps and you may soon have the next hit song out in the charts.

Easy Steps to Follow

  • Get a Name. For a gospel record label, selecting a name for it may be the first most important step. This is because people tend to associate the artists with the name that they publicize themselves by. Selecting a poor or funny name may give the audience a wrong image about your record label even before they get to know you. You can also have a registrar check out for you whether that name has been used before.
  • Get a Logo. You can also select a nice beautiful logo by which your fans will recognize you by. Some of the most successful record label companies have tied their fame to certain logos that are recognizable anywhere. It would be good to have faith that one day you may become a great recording artist.
  • Get Registered. The next step that you will need to take is to register you record label with the relevant authorities in your country. Owning a gospel record label entails recognition even by law and authorities. It also helps in understanding the laws that govern music production in your area, issues about taxes as well as the laws governing the sale of music. It can be a great waste of resources and efforts to build a label then have it taken from you for illegality.
  • Promote your Music. The next step is for you to decide how you want to present your music to the world. There are several options on how to do this.

You will need to know the kind of group that you want form.
You will need to know the kind of group that you want form. | Source
  1. You can start the record label digitally. In this case, you will need to record you gospel songs in MP3 format. After that you can register a domain and look for a hosting service provider. There are certain fees that you may need to pay to have your domain hosted. You then develop the content for your website including the details of your music; you record label as well as reviews for you songs. You will need a web creation software to complete the creation of you site. Since you will be selling the music online, you may also need a payment software uploaded on you site.
  2. You can also decide to create a music group that will perform the music live. In this case you will need to know the kind of group that you want form. This may be a duo, a band, combining vocalists and musicians and so on. To get the best talent for your group, you may need to hold auditions. This is unless you want to create a group of friends or close relatives. When you have the right group, they can start performing the music live on events, churches or institutional events.

  3. You can also chose to record your music on gospel CD and have it distributed to local stores or sold online. In this case, you will need to have your music CD mastered. This helps to organize you music in an orderly sell-able manner. The first step is to get a mastering engineer to do this. His job will be to get you proper audio quality, space the songs well in the CD as well as add proper spacing and equalize the track levels. After this, your CD will be ready for sale in the local or online stores.

You will need to have your music CD mastered
You will need to have your music CD mastered | Source


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    • kenyanXstian profile image

      Eword Media Unit 15 months ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Hi Cliftonbennett, the answer to your question is quite subjective. That factors that you need to consider include:

      - The producer you choose to work with

      - The quality of production you are going to employ

      - The distribution channels you intend to use.

      My advice is that you make inquiries in you local studios and get quotations from gospel music producers in your area.

    • profile image

      cliftonbennett 15 months ago

      how much money I need to start

    • profile image

      Victor 2 years ago

      This is great piece of advice thank you so much....