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How to Take Sharp Photos with Camera

Updated on January 23, 2015
Difference between sharp and blur photos
Difference between sharp and blur photos | Source

Being a photographer is very fun but it is also very difficult when it comes to professionalism. We all want to take cool and beautiful pictures but not all of us can produce quality pictures. The most difficult thing is to take a sharp image.

In simple language it means to keep your camera steady. While reading this you will say that we can all keep the camera straight while taking the picture, so let me tell you that keeping camera straight is not possible with hands because even when we are keeping our arms and hands straight, they are shaking.

We cannot feel this but it happens and this can make the picture blur to some extent so today I will tell you how you can take sharp pictures with your cameras.

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Well we have to make camera steady and the most obvious way to do it is by mounting it to support. There are many different kind of support available in the market.

It all depends on you that how much steady you want your camera. Some supports are very heavy and expensive while some are normal and light and some are cheap.

The most steady supports are always very expensive and heavy while the less steady supports are less heavy and expensive so it all depends on your wallet and your love for your photography.


When you will go to some dealer for the camera support then you will find different kind of supports over there. You will find some screw support that you can mount on wood.

There will be a sucker support that you can mount on any type of glass and that includes the glass of your car windows.You will also find mini tripod stand with fixed legs and flexible legs. You will also find some beanbags for your camera as a support,

you can think of them as bags of beans that can make your camera more steady and flexible. Now the point is that what support we should use for our camera. As a photographer there can be lot of problem for you to carry different type of supports for different kinds of pictures. In this article I will tell you that how you can manage this in a very simple but effective way.

Homemade camera stand by old razors
Homemade camera stand by old razors | Source

Make Camera Support Yourself

The fun and cheap way of making a camera support is from household items and this is very easy and full of fun. You need a portion of strong wire; picture dangling thing works well.

Its length should be equal to your length. One end must be hooked to a screw, which you can hook into the tripod base of your camera. Then it’s easy: you let the chord swing onto the ground and tread on it, pull the cord while holding your camera straight.

This will give you sufficient support to use a small shutter speed.By using this kind of support you can take pictures and you will see that some of your pictures will be steadier than others. This will significantly improve the quality of your pictures. You will need lot of practice but trail and error will get you there.

Camera placed on ground
Camera placed on ground | Source

Use Ground as a Steady Support for your Camera

This method is for taking photographs of ceilings in cathedrals and grand houses. You have to decide that how much focus you are going to use, auto focus is available in lot of new cameras and you can easily use it if there is no hanging thing on the ceiling.

The next thing that you have to use is the self-timer, make sure it is on. If you are using the DSLR camera then open the mirror lockup. Next thing is the aperture size of the camera; in most cases you can sue the aperture size of F8-F16.

Now you have to set the wide angle settings on your camera but it all depends on the roof height and how much you want to include in our picture.The last thing is to gently put your camera on the ground and then gently release the shutter. You have to carefully do this process because small mistake can run your picture and you have to take it all over again.

You have to place our camera on the steady surface and make sure that no one should step on your camera as this can damage your camera as well as your chance of taking the picture.After releasing the shutter the self-timer will buzz on the specific time and will take the picture.

With this method you can take cool and beautiful picture of the ceilings but sometimes you have to adjust your camera again to get it right but you will learn with time very effectively. At the end you have to do some computer finishing, to make some adjustment to your photographs.

Normal Monopod Stand


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Use the Monopod

A monopod is simple pole and it has only one ball and socket which you can use to mount our camera on it. You can sue this thing to control and adjust your camera vertically and horizontally.

There are different kinds of monopods available in the markets and it all depends on your need that what type of monopod you want for yourself. With its help you can keep your camera steady and take very good photographs.

Monopod this light, you can take it to mountain tops but this is only good for short exposure, when you need long exposure then you need to buy tripod stand.This is very good camera support if you travel to very far places such as mountains as it is very light and you will not face any difficulty in carrying it.

There are different kinds of available in the market but you must decide what type you want because I cannot discuss all the types here so you can do little online research on the monopod stands as this will help you to make a purchase.

Normal Tripod Stand
Normal Tripod Stand | Source

Use a Tripod

Tripod stand as its name suggests is a three leg stand that can help you to take long exposure sharp photographs. Not many new photographers want to use it as it is very heave but if you want to take professional photographs then you have to use it as it makes your photographs super sharp.

The question that now arises is that what type of tripod stand we should use. Well it all depends on our location and style of photography. When you are inside some studio then you can use the biggest and heaviest tripod stand but when you want to go outside to picture the nature then lot of things change.

It will be very difficult for you to take such heavy tripod stand outside without ant help. The tripod stands that are made out of carbon fiber or some other elastic material are very expensive but they are very light and you can easily use them on the travel.Well you will be thinking that why use tripod in the first place as it is very difficult to handle but you cannot achieve anything great without the difficulty.

There are lots of reasons that force us to use tripod stand for professional photography. Using tripod stand will change your art of photography and it will take it to next level. By using the tripod stand you can bring lot of shine and beauty to your pictures so you must use it. I hope that this article will help you to take some sharp quality pictures so if you have any questions then you can ask them in the comments section below.


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      Con Judge 3 years ago from Pakistan

      No i am not a professional photographer but i have a very good friend who is professional photographer, thats why i have this much information.

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      Jay 3 years ago

      Nice article, it looks like that you are professional photographer. Am i right?