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How to Write an Actors Resume

Updated on October 22, 2012
Sample Resume
Sample Resume
Get nice headshots that you can attach with staples at four corners. Mine were taken at Thurner Photography in Pittsburgh, PA. Resumes must be cut down to 8 x 10 neatly.
Get nice headshots that you can attach with staples at four corners. Mine were taken at Thurner Photography in Pittsburgh, PA. Resumes must be cut down to 8 x 10 neatly.

Actors Resume 101

Actor's headshots and resumes are the one of the lasting impression a casting director will have once you leave auditions. You must realize casting directors are not mythological creatures that can remember every last person he has seen audition. The one part you may be going in to audition for could have an additional fifty people auditioning as well. Of course with film they could always review the tape, but in theatre this is not the case. You need to come prepared with a professional level headshot and resume. Even if you are just getting into acting you still need to promote yourself in a professional way. After all you are selling yourself and your skill set.

How do I format my resume?

To start you need to put your name in a larger print than the rest of your text. Again you are selling yourself so you need to make them remember you. Of course you need to put your contact information! This must be up to date otherwise if they want to contact you for a call back, and your phone number is old then you would not get the call. Makes sense right? Also DO NOT PUT YOUR ADDRESS. I must stress this with caps! Why? Say you submit your resume to an agency, but alas they were not interested. No big deal, however they throw the resume away and it makes its way to the trash heap. Then some criminal goes through the trash and discovers your resume with your address on it. Finds your house and proceeds to stalk you. Not to be paranoid but there are numerous stories about this happening. BE CAREFUL and use common sense. I would only list your contact phone number or that of your agent's (if you have one), email address, and actors website link.

Now the following is debated because resume trends change constantly. Some places want you to list your height, weight, hair, and eye color. Others so not. This was mainly a practice that was done back when all headshots were done in black and white because color photos were too expensive. Yet, here in 2012 color photos are now affordable. Honestly, it is your call. I would not go as far as to put my a hair and eye color because it will be obvious in your color headshot. You can put your height and weight though if you wish. They can always request it if they are really interested in you.

That being said I would suggest putting vocal range down if you interested in musical theatre. It is a quick reference for the casting director. They will not have to go searching. They do not have time to waste. It is easy for them to just move on to the next person so cover your bases and do not give them a reason to disregard you as an option.

Now onto the credit listings. When it comes to I would list professional theatre, community theatre, university theatre, TV/Film, Commercial/Radio, Training and Special Skills, Scholarships and Awards. Under each category divide into three even margin settings. Put the name of the production, your role, and then where the production was and who directed it. See the photo for an example of this. Now you need to limit all of this to one 8 x 10 page because this need to fit on the back of you 8 x 10 headshot. I will have another hub going over headshots soon. You really should not list high school productions on your actors resume, but if you are a beginner and it is all you have then go for it. However, I would recommend attending community theatre auditions to get something else on your resume. There are plenty of opportunities in your community you may not even realize. The rest of the credits are self explanatory for what you should list. To explain scholarship and awards, places love awards, scholarships in theatre you may have gotten, music awards etc. Sell your skills!

Another over all note keep it neat and not cluttered. Make it unique but avoid obnoxious fonts no chiller or webding fonts for example. Well I hope this was helpful. I will follow this up with a hub on headshots, actors websites, and more. Good Luck acting lovers!


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    • everythingdazzles profile image

      Janelle 4 years ago from Houston

      Yes actors need to protect themselves. Thanks for reading. I'll have to check out your hubs!

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 4 years ago from England

      What great information! and something that will be very helpful for anyone going into acting. I especially liked the info about the address, of course you are right, you don't want anybody getting their hands on it, voted up useful and interesting! nell