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Steps to a Successful Vlogging Career

Updated on March 16, 2017

Vlogging has become a rather large part of Youtube in the past few years. The vlogging searches on Youtube have been booming. That being said, more and more people are interested in what it takes to become a successful Youtube vlogger. By following these steps you will be able to get yourself started on your vlogging career!

A Good Quality Camera

Nikon Coolpix L330 Digital Camera (Black)
Nikon Coolpix L330 Digital Camera (Black)

Most successful vloggers have good quality cameras. The reason this helps with your success as a vlogger is because people are more interested in videos that are good quality. Good quality videos means more traffick on your videos and channel, which is exactly what you want!

Some vloggers do use their cell phones for vlogging such as iphone users but the best quality is from a good camera. One of the best camera brands to use for this would be Canon. Canon makes amazing cameras with crisp picture quality on photos and videos.

Don't forget a big sd card! You are taking a lot of videos after all.

Check out this camera by Nikon which is one of the best quality brands of cameras out there!


Possibly Invest in a Tripod

MeFOTO Classic Aluminum Roadtrip Travel Tripod/Monopod Kit - Green (A1350Q1G)
MeFOTO Classic Aluminum Roadtrip Travel Tripod/Monopod Kit - Green (A1350Q1G)

This is not an absolute need to become a successful vlogger, but it is very useful. It gets utterly annoying trying to sit your camera upright using books or other objects to keep it sitting up. Many tripods you can find for cheap, especially mini ones which would suffice for a digital camera. Amazon has great tripods for a decent price if you are interested in getting a tripod to help you with your vlogging career.


A Good Editing Program


This is key to becoming a successful vlogger. If you want to post videos of you then you obviously need a good editing program to edit your videos with, make cuts, add letters, etc. Mac's tend to have the best editing program which can be downloaded for free such as imovie. If you are not a Mac user, windows has movie maker which comes installed on all windows lap tops. Although Windows Movie Maker is not the best editing program, it will do the trick if you are new to the vlogging world.

Get a Youtube and Spice It Up!

To start uploading videos, obviously you need a channel! Creating a Youtube account is super easy. After creating an account you are going to want to spice it up to attract viewers. Start by Making sure you choose an interesting user name. Picking a user name is probably one of the most important parts of your success as a vlogger. People like unique names that are creative but not complicated. Picking a complicated name makes it hard for people to remember your user name which will result in less viewers sticking around to continue watching your videos. After you pick a name, choose a profile picture for your account, it is usually best to put a photo of yourself. Next pick a back round photo for your Youtube channel, it just makes it look more interesting when people stop on your page.

An Interesting Personality


If you are going to be a successful vlogger you are going to need to be interesting! Do not be afraid to act a little crazy in front of the camera. If you sit in front of the camera talking in a monotone voice then viewers are not going to be interested in watching your videos. It might be a little embarrassing at first to act silly on the internet, especially when it is people you do not know watching, but ultimately that is the method of having successful videos and keeping viewers around to watch more. Try making people connect with you as a vlogger, talk about your interests, things that you love, things that you hate. This makes it so viewers can watch you and connect with your personality and your interests and take a liking to who you are as as person.

Connect with your audience!


People that watch vloggers are usually also interested in connecting with the star through different social media. If you are wanting to become a vlogger, make sure you have different accounts to different social media and open that up for the world of youtube to see. Many vloggers use Twitter and Instagram, both very simple social media to use. This allows your audience to keep up with your everyday life as well, because they are always interested in what you are doing.

Pick a Topic


Obviously if you are going to vlog you have to know what you are going to talk about in your videos. Your topics must be interesting to attract viewers but not rude or insulting in any way, this only makes people dislike you. If you are stuck on ideas about what to vlog about, here are some starting points:

  • Comment on an important issue.
  • Talk about something in the world of celebrities.
  • Give your opinion on news in the media or popular videos that have been trending.
  • Do a DIY (do it yourself) video if you are a crafty person.
  • Show something you are talented at - music, art, sports, cooking, etc.
  • Do a video about a popular "how to."
  • Talk about your review on a book, movie, song, video, etc.

This lists go on and on, there are so many ideas. One thing not to do as a new vlogger is just vlog your daily life routine. People are not interested in what you do everyday when you are a new vlogger, that is something to do after you have some traffic to your channel.

Invest Your Time

Time is the biggest investment you will have to make with becoming a successful Youtube vlogger. You have to have dedication to your channel and your videos and most importantly, your viewers. To start getting an audience, make many well recorded and good quality videos to upload. Start by making one daily, or every other day to get yourself out there and make people know that you are dedicated. Once you have a good audience you can start to slow down and stick to once a week.

Edit your Thumbnails


Thumbnails are those little icons beside the videos that show up on Youtube's feed. Editing your thumbnail makes your video look more appealing to viewers and will attract them to your video instead of others on the same topic. There are many tutorial's on how to edit a thumbnail for your Youtube videos on Youtube or if you search it on Google. This is not something every vlogger must do, but it is helpful for getting more traffick to your channel.

Become a Youtube Partner


Once you begin to get a decent amount of subscribers to your channel, think about becoming a Youtube partner. This way you can begin to make money depending on the amount of views you have on your videos. You can do this simply from the Youtube website through your channel settings.

Do Not Ignore Your Fans!


Remember why you became successful in the first place? Through your fans! Always continue to communicate with your fans. Reply to their replies on your videos or on your social media, do contests with them, make them feel appreciated for helping with your success as a Youtube vlogger.

Get Out There, and Start Video Taping!

Now that you have read through the steps that will help you with your success as a vlogger, get out there and start to create!

Hopefully these steps have helped you and will continue to help you in your future.

Good luck future vlogger!



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    • ezzly profile image

      ezzly 3 years ago

      Thanks Christy :)

    • Christy Maria profile image

      Christy Maria 3 years ago

      If you have any trouble im sure you could find a simple tutorial on youtube! Good luck with the new camera :)

    • ezzly profile image

      ezzly 3 years ago

      I have to learn to use it now this is my first experience with such a camera , so technical lol !

    • Christy Maria profile image

      Christy Maria 3 years ago

      Thank you ezzly! Very much appreciated. I just bought a new canon myself, they are so great :)

    • ezzly profile image

      ezzly 3 years ago

      Very insightful thanks for the tips voted up and sharing ! I just bought a canon and my nephew put his hands all ver the lens :( !


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