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How to be a Superhero

Updated on February 25, 2016


There are 8 steps that you should follow to become a superhero, however being a superhero is not trivial, you should go through the process with enough effort to become one and with time you might reach the stage.

Read carefully the steps below and follow them at most, at the end, the world depends on you.

1. Pick a Great Costume

You cannot be remembered without a truly eye-catching costume. Respect from the media and high impact in people’s mind can only be achieved by using an original and top fashion costume.

Wonderful colors and unparallel design are compulsory when thinking about your costume. If possible, get in touch with your favorite top fashion designer and ask him for a show-level costume. Remember that villains use to spend a lot of money in costumes and you should not be exceeded by an unscrupulous villain.

Don´t get confused, it is true, there have been great superheroes without wonderful costumes, but that was in the past, like Tarzan, but that was from another age.

Or just image Tarzan jumping in any city from one building to another wearing his loincloth, wouldn’t be nice, isn’t it?

Be Original when choosing your Superhero Costume

Do not even think to have anything related to a spider or a big S in your chest when designing your costume, besides showing a very bad taste, your achievements could be credited to some other superhero. Not good at all!

Should your costume have Cape or not?

Along with your costume model, you should decide if your will wear a cape or not.

While deciding think this: While appealing and almost compulsory in the past, you should consider that modern technology is not friendly with capes. For example to name one, you could easily get stuck in plane turbines or moving parts.

2. Pick a Superpower.

You will definitively end in a mental institution if you just go out tomorrow and start telling everyone that you are the latest superhero in town. To prove your point, you need a superpower.

Just like costumes did, superpowers have certainly evolved lately. Anyone is strong, agile or fast and probably even plain invisibility is outdated.

Beating today bad guys require quantum powers like space-time travel or healing mutation or even changing appearance at will or mind reading.

To make you easier how to pick a superpower, there are some categories to consider:

- Armored.

This kind of superpower implies getting an indestructible armor, either a bullet-proof skin or just added on top of you.

Sample superhero: Iron man.

- Elementalist.

We know that there is no power like the power of nature, therefore controlling natural elements can give a lot of power at your will.

Sample superheroes: Storm or Polaris.

- Gadgeteer.

Being a gadgeteer not only requires a PhD in physics to develop unique gadgets (or someone working for you) but also a great ability to use them properly.

Sample superhero: Batman.

- Mentalist.

Doing everything with your mind is a bit lazy but very appealing, that is why this kind of superpowers like telekinesis or telepathy among many others, are getting more popular.

Sample superhero: Professor X.

- Speedster.

An amazing speed is always useful, especially if you can round the globe twice while someone is yawning.

Sample superhero: Flash

- Healers.

Healers are becoming popular although the capability to heal from serious injuries without an additional ability could be useless.

Sample superhero: Wolverine.

- Martial Artist.

Consider this as a bonus to any of the other superpowers described above.

Sample superheroes: Batman or Elektra.

3. Unparallel Moral Code

Having a rock-solid moral code is part of being a superhero. It should be as strong as keep you fighting for the mankind even if everybody thinks that you are more harm than good for society.

Just remember that most superheroes are accused for destroying the city before someone realizes that they are just saving the world.

Your moral code should push you strong enough to keep you fighting for the world without expecting any kind of reward or recognition. Justice for all.

4. Secret Headquarters

Do not even think to hang your superhero costume in your own closet. Superheroes costumes are always kept in ultra-secret headquarters.

A safe but comfortable place to hang around and make plans against evil is a must, especially if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend who could sneak around.

Besides, you do not want your explosive gadgets to be mistakenly activated by a curious friend or a cleaning lady.


5. Keep a Secret Identity

Superheroes cannot just go shopping or to the cinema, they are not wandering around the city, they only appear when they are really needed. Therefore to party around town or trivial things like going to the laundry you need a secret normal identity.

Obviously, you also need to behave like a normal person. You cannot make any of your tricks when wearing normal. Save all your tricks for the time when you are properly dressed.

When being normal, you do not have to like a stupid. Some superheroes select a really dummy person when normal instead of being just cool.

They assume that if they are completely opposite to a superhero nobody will think they are and it is true, but nobody will think that a banker or a engineer is a superhero, so you do not need to be a looser to camouflage.


6. Use your own symbol or logo

In the past, superhero image used to be as simple as an “Big S” in the chest, but for modern times, if you want to sell lots of T-Shirts, have your own videogame and a popular website, you should hire an image expert and develop a professional high-impact logo.

The only requirement is to avoid any similarity with any previous superhero or royalties could end in somebody else’s hands.

Do not forget to copyright your logo.

7. Amazing Wealth.

Saving the world and starving are not compatible. If you are going to spend your time fighting for humanity, you should have savings fat enough to support your superhero life.

All those gadgets are pretty expensive and paying to top scientists cannot be done with a salary.

Be sure to inherit an incredibly huge fortune before becoming a superhero. Saving the world is not good business.

8. Super-Villains.

Believe it or not, being a great superhero involves the proper selection of villains. There are not superheroes without super-villains!

Villains should be smart and sophisticated as well and with enough powers to give you superhero reputation. If somebody else can defeat the villain, then you are useless.

Villain’s powers should be good enough to beat everybody else but you. Obviously their powers should be less than yours, or you will be in trouble as well.

If your villains are strong, then you should be stronger or if they are fast, you should be faster or at least smart enough to defeat them.

Don’t forget, villains make superheroes!



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  • profile image


    5 years ago

    I want to be a villain

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    my power Kung fu and sharp armer

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    i cannot do that because i am is a child

  • profile image

    midnight leaperd 

    7 years ago

    to all heroes. A new hero has come night Leapers

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    he wants to be asuper hero no a spy

  • lundmusik profile image


    7 years ago from Tucson AZ

    wow,, another great hub....

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    i want to be inviserble

  • ChilliWilly profile image


    8 years ago from Kaunas, Lithuania

    This is such a great hub. Thanks for sharing!

  • profile image

    tyrone im a kid 

    8 years ago

    hey how come im not a superhero

  • profile image

    fist punch 

    8 years ago

    My super power is fast speed and great kung fu

  • profile image

    Carlos Perez 

    8 years ago

    superheros r really cool so I am going to follow the step to be a superhero

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    nice tips and vids hope the work!


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