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How to be a Rapper

Updated on April 23, 2016


Do you daydream about rapping like your favorite rappers? Maybe your not confident in yourself or don't know how to rap. In any case, its time to stop daydreaming and unleash the rapper within you. This article will give you several key points on how to not only develop skills on how to be a rapper, but a great rapper.

1) The first step is to gain inspiration. If you start rapping randomly like most mainstream artists do, you may become famous, but you won't exercise your skills to its fullest potential. Spend time making observations and writing poetry or about other subjects. Read about a variety of topics and study English grammar, watch movies, t.v, and listen to other types of music. More importantly, unleash your imagination. Look at as many objects as possible and try to give as many descriptions as you can. Analyze then very closely as if you were looking into a microscope. This will help you to be creative.

3) Find a unique flow and focus on perfecting it. A flow is basically the melody and the tone of your voice when you rap. Before you write lyrics, try humming to create the flow to your song then rap to it. Get emotionally involved with the beat. Do things like moving your hands around or shaking your head to help you .Your voice will sound differently when you rap than when you speak normally. Practice reading anything and try to not read it at a normal pace, instead try to change your tone of voice and the rate at which you say it. Be energetic, enthusiastic, and rap with emotion. Stress the syllables in words. Remember, it may sound awkward, but don't be discouraged. An important fact to always remember that you do not have to sound like other rappers, be yourself. You have a unique voice, so you don't have to worry about sounding terrible. Simply find your own flow when rapping. Be sure to have small pauses between lines so that you can take breaths and keep flowing.

4) Think about how you will structure your lyrics. It would be easier to know About metaphors, similes, alliteration, rhymes, onamonapia, irony, allegories, and hyperbole's, etc. Get a thesaurus and a dictionary in case you may need to find words that rhyme. Be as detailed as possible and write it in your own unique style. For instance, i write lyrics in the form of an allegory. Be creative and try writing random words to gain inspiration then decide if you want to use or rearrange them or not. You can choose to rhyme or not rhyme. If you choose to rhyme, strive to create clever punchlines. Simple lines like "I had a cat and a bat.." sound dull. A better line would be "Yea, i had a cat that i whacked by mistake, don't know how my parents gonna take that!" Your goal should be to create a story while having a cunning rhyme scheme. Perhaps you want to rap using slang or using proper English, the choice is yours. You should be comfortable with your writing style. To challenge yourself, focus on writing four than just two punchlines that rhyme.

5) Practice as much as necessary and make revisions to your lyrics. Keep a notebook and a writing utensil in case you need to write any ideas that come unexpectedly. Have confidence in yourself as an artist and don't lose heart if you don't sound the way you want. Be persistent and polish your talent.

6) Create a rap name which describes a unique characteristic that you have. It doesn't have to be very complex, it can be simple. Even though you may have to use it for the rest of your rap career, don't get frustrated if you can't think of an impressive name for yourself. Its not so much as what your name is, but how you present yourself to your audience when you rap.

7) Practice rapping random lines. Don't try too hard to think about what your going to say next and if you mess up, keep flowing.

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If you want to quickly make music using freeware then programs such as Audacity will help you. If however you the best out of your music then be prepared to make sacrifices. Your going to have to invest alot of money in instruments, programs, album covers, and advertising. This also means investing energy practicing your rapping and making music on a regular basis. If you want to make a big name for yourself, you must be professional. If you want to get signed by a huge record label, you must be drop dead serious. Making a great first impression starts with producing high quality songs. Here are several tips and resources to help you get started:

* Find a rap beat - Get a beat that's unique to your style. There is a wide variety of rap beats so knowing which ones you want is essential. Do you want to use trap beats? Old school hip hop beats? Crunk beats? You can find one online but the producer may require you to buy it eventually. It is thus better to create your own beats as it saves money and makes you independent. Try not to get frustrated by concentrating too hard on the beat's structure. Play around with a computer program or a drum machine until you create the beat you want. Do not rely on beats as a substitute for talent. The beat is not what gives the song power; its your voice and lyrics.

* Get a microphone - Using your phone is a cheap and quick way to record but you won't get the best quality. Buying an affordable and high quality mic will give you the best results. Your voice will be alot more powerful, resonate louder, and run smoothly. Any vocal effects that you add will be alot more noticeable than a smartphone.

* Get a recording program - The advantages of getting freeware is that it's quick and easy to use. The disadvantages is that they won't have the quality and wide range of tools that priced programs have. You ought to have the best program enabling you to utilize the maximum potential of editing, mixing, mastering, cleaning, and refining your music.

* Promote your music - Posting advertisements, live promotions, sending samples to record labels, collaborating with other artists, and connecting with people through social media are all ways you can advertise your music. I advise for you to create your own iconic logo to impress potential customers. People are more likely to send you offers if your name is memorable.

* Work in a confined space - You'll want to set up a special workstation for you to record. Eliminate any distracting background noise. Confined areas surrounded by walls allow your voice's sound to echo, making it louder and clearer. It also gives you the ability to concentrate.

Conclusion: As a rapper, you will face hardships in improving and making music; nevertheless, the beats you use are all yours to rap over. Never be afraid of displeasing your audience. There will always be people who like you and people who don't. Naturally, its how people are. Make rap a passion and not just a hobby.

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