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How to be like Taylor Swift

Updated on July 23, 2011

Taylor Swift is one of the world's biggest country music artists to date, selling more than one million copies of cer third album Speak Now in it's first week. Taylor Swift is not only known for her beautiful music and purely honest songwriting, she is also known for her sweet, charming personality, captivating young girls across the globe. Here, you can learn exactly how to become more like this brilliant young star.

  1. Smile and hug everyone you meet. It is known that Taylor Swift is a "universal hugger," and in order to be more like her, you will have to become one too. It isn't so much about the hugs as about the warm and friendly vibe you give off to others, and giving someone a smile and a hug is the simplest and most effective way to do just that.
  2. Don't hold anything back. Taylor Swift is best known as being completely honest in her songwriting, even if it means giving away personal information. In fact, she is so honest through her songs, that often the songs even include the name of the person she is writing about! Painful or happy, easy or hard, not holding anything back from the people around you will make you one step closer to being like this country artist.
  3. Be Grateful for Everything You Have. Taylor Swift says repeatedly in interviews how grateful she is for her career, her success, her family and her fans. Every ounce of happiness and success in her life she realizes she was not entitled to, and she always takes the time to be grateful. Even though she works hard for all that she has, being grateful is a part of Taylor Swift's personality.
  4. It helps if you can sing/play guitar or piano/write songs. After all, that is what made her famous, and not only that, but that is her career. To be truly like Taylor Swift, you would have to try to have the same type of career. This step is not recommended unless it is your true passion.
  5. For those of you who don't complete step 4- Follow Your Dream. From a very young age, Taylor Swift knew what she wanted to do, and she didn't let anything hold her back. She worked hard every day, and continues to do so even after she has seen success. People may have tried to discourage her or bring her down, but Taylor always followed her dream, and because of that she is an international celebrity today.

There are many more ways to become like Taylor Swift, but this should give you a good start. As just a word of warning though, nobody can become exactly like Taylor Swift and expect to be successful. The most important part of being like her is to be yourself, something that Taylor understands completely. She has confidence in who she is, and so should all of you! Good luck!


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    • profile image

      Divyanshi Singh 4 years ago

      I Luv U Taylor !!! Ur songs r thé best

    • profile image

      Daisy23541 5 years ago


    • belagilani17 profile image

      belagilani17 6 years ago

      All her songs sound the same to me...but anyways great hub :D

    • shwetasharma profile image

      shwetasharma 6 years ago from m.p {india}

      hey,I like taylor.. I just love her songs...

      well, good start of a hub.. :) :) :)