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How to become Tumblr Famous Fast!

Updated on February 3, 2012

Steps on how to get tons of Followers and Photo Reblogs

Everyone wants to be famous. And no one can lie about that.

Fact is, that is what 75 % of all tumblr users want. Fame. And that's why I'm making this tutorial, and for all the newbies on tumblr who want to gain more followers.

Asdfghjkldanielle, lovequotesrus, and thisnigguh are just 3 of the thousands of people who are already tumblr famous.

But how did they do it?

Simple. The key is originality. And you might say that is cliché. But actually is the truth , and very true. Look at all the famous people out there in the world, and popular kids in your school. That's probablly the only thing they all have in common.

For example, or "mike cerrato" is tumblr famous only because of his face and body. 90 % of his followers are girls, and it's that attractiveness that makes him so famous on tumblr.

On the other hand, some people like me aren't ask blessed to have such a pretty face. (ahaha). So if you do not have the looks like Mike Cerrato or simply do not want to get famous that way, start to think of what you want to do .

Example: Do you want to be a fashion blog?

Photography Blog?

Hipster blog?

Funny Blog?


So as you can already tell, there are literally more than 100 ways to get tumblr famous. All you need to do is get started towards that goal.

Another example is "lovequotesrus", now this is a blog very different from others. And as you can tell by their blog name, they post things about Love. And isn't that such a smart idea? AHHA. And as you can assume, the number one followers are teens.

So it's simple. If you want to get tumblr famous fast, there are only a few things you need to do

1. Put effort into your blog ( eg. get a nice theme, nice background music.) Don't be a lazy ass and use a default theme)

2. Update your tumblr daily. (the more dedicated you are toward your blog , the more followers you'll have.)

3. Post a picture often. (try to do it every week, fans will look forward to it. And if you are posting a picture of yourself , get a nice view, put on make up, wear nice clothes, people are so judging these days, and if you don't look pretty enough, chances are they won't reblog or like your photo)

4. Do Promos and engage in them (Believe it or not, promos actually work. If a person with a lot of tumblr followers promo you, then you're likely to get at least 20 followers. At least 20 % of their followers will actually follow you.)

5. Take time to answer all questions in your inbox. (when your followers see questions you've been asked and how you've answered them , the more popular you get. People like it, and especially girls, when you are sweet and sincere. All the more reasons they'll talk about you to other people)


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