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How to easily win cash and prizes online

Updated on August 12, 2011

On the net thousands of contests are being held daily. You can win loads of cash prizes and even more other cool prizes. There are many websites online, which will give you nice overviews of a lot of the contests you can enter, what prizes you can win, and often even the answers to the questions asked in the contests.

This way you can go in and have a look every day, enter some contests of which the prizes might interest you, without having to take lots of time searching for contests all over the internet. If you just spend half an hour every day, or every other day, you can already enter contests daily, and get some cash prizes and other rewards coming in the mail.

Some useful tips to enter contests successfully

- Find a few sites with lists of contest, preferably updated daily. You can use search engines to find some nice contests. If you type in ‘online contests’, ‘cash prizes’ or ‘video contests’ for example you will surely find some interesting stuff.

- Always make sure you are eligible for entry. This means check if the contest is open for residents of your country, or if there are other criteria to enter, like age for example.

- Make sure the contest is free to enter. Never give out credit card details or anything like that. Even if the site tells you they will not use it. If they won’t use it, they won’t need them anyway, so never give out these details if you don’t want to pay anything.

- It might be wise to open a separate email-account for this. Because many contests will need for you to enter your personal info including your email address. They need this to contact you when you win something. But it will often also be used to send you promotional material. After all, most sites use contests to draw in visitors, get people signed up to their newsletters, in other words, to promote their product or service.

- Be careful about supplying your personal information. As a rule I never give out more than I have to. So if they don’t require your phone number, simply don’t give it. Do make sure the information you do give out is correct. Most of the time, won prizes get mailed to you without any notification. So if your address is wrong, you will never receive anything.

I usually enter in every contest I can find, even if I don’t like the prizes you can win. Whatever I win and don’t like, I just proceed to sell on Ebay, or use them as birthday presents for my friends. Selling on Ebay is a big hobby of mine and can be very addictive. So the more stuff I have to list, the better!

I spend about half an hour to an hour almost every day. This also means I receive on average a 3 or 4 prizes a week. These are of course not all big prizes and the vast majority consists of books, cd’s and dvd’s (which I watch or read once and then put on Ebay). But every now and then something big comes in (like a skiing holiday, a playstation, 500 euros cash prize). All in all I receive loads of cool goodies and prizes, and I make some money of selling everything I don’t need.

So start entering and wait for the prizes to come pouring in!

Contest overview sites

Canadian contest overview site

US contest overview site

UK contest overview site

Do you know more or better overview sites? Let me know!


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    • profile image

      Jane  6 years ago

      Me too!

    • profile image

      Sue 6 years ago

      I love entering competitions, you never know what will be coming next.

    • profile image

      goldy27 6 years ago

      check out for excellent daily draws

    • Mieka profile image

      Mieka 8 years ago

      Yeah, and it works too :)

      And I'm still excited every time I receive a package!

      Good luck to you!

    • Torunn profile image

      Torunn 8 years ago from Norway

      Never thought about winning prizes online, very helpful information :-)