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How to easy start your radio station at Mixlr

Updated on May 28, 2015


You need a consule like this one. Go to Amazon. They are cheap.
You need a consule like this one. Go to Amazon. They are cheap.

How to start a Internet Radio at Mixlr

Do you like being a Disc Jockey? You know, that guy who likes to put great music and always have funny comments.

Did you watch the movie "American Graffiti" directed by George Lucas? Great movie surrounded by the music of a radio station.

I discovered this great place called Mixlr. Website where you can create your own radio station. Do don't have to have music. But if you want to you can use music from friends that are musicians with new music and if they allow you to play them, then you just might have a radio show. Perhaps you like talking instead. Go and call those friends with whom you gather around parties and talk for hours. Well, this could be your radio show.

Do you remember the show with Bill Maher "Politically incorrect'? Where he basically invited friends to talk about many different topics? This can be your radio show.

Mixlr allows you to download their software to your computer so you can broadcast using a consule that you can purchase from Amazon. Mixlr also has an application for IOS. So you can broadcast using your iphone. Just imagine setting your iphone at the middle of your table, gather some friends and presto! you can start talking about great topics and have yourself a great radio show.

I always enjoyed as a kid making recordings with my friends. The difference is that we used a tape recorder and start telling funny jokes and make sound FX with our mouth or grab the tape recorder and take it to the barthroom and record flushuing the toitet to finish the joke.

But hey! you radio show does not have to be like this. You can create a very creative show and have a lot of fun making it at Mixlr. You can be a part of a great community of people create great new radio stations.

Mixlr have free options and payed options.

I hope you like it and give it a try.


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