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How to find work as a model

Updated on July 25, 2013

Its rare that a modeling agent will walk up to you and tell you that have the potential to become a model (without them try to scam you that is). Reality is that if you want work as a model you're gonna have put yourself out there. You can either get signed to an agency or you can be a freelance model. An agency will find you gigs that's right for you, while as a freelance model you'll have to do all the work, not to mention you may not land any major gig. The most important thing to remember is that you have to put yourself out there in order to find work, so this means you will have to do a little networking.

Getting sign

Modeling agencies- You view a modeling agencies website, where you can submit your photos. Modeling agencies are always looking for new talent. You can ask when their next open house will be or you can ask if you can stop and get evaluated.

Local search- Searching locally is a great way for an agency to see your look and what your personality is like.

Open House- On a specific date a modeling agency will hold an open house. Anyone can show up to see if they are what that modeling agency is looking for. Once you are called in, who ever is in charge will able to tell whether they need you or not. If you are turned down don't let that discourage you, because your not what they are looking for at that moment.

Modeling convention- If you're looking to improve your chances then you can attend a modeling convention. This is where you'll find plenty of modeling agencies who are looking for new talent. Keep in mind that to attend these conventions that it'll cost you around 400 to 3000 dollars, but it is a good way to find work.

Modeling associations- This a great way to bring agencies and models together worldwide. You increase you chances. It helps modeling agency find the look they are searching for, which could be you. You may have to do some traveling, but that is part of being a model.

Modeling competition- Search for a local modeling competition this will grantee some exposure for your career.

Scouting company- Scouting company will take your profile and they will give you information on major modeling agencies. It'll cost you between 50 and 200 dollars.

Going out on your own

You could always market yourself; they key for any business to be successful is exposure. You've heard of all these internet sensations; the one thing they all had in common was big hits on the internet. You could start a portfolio blog and showcase all of your greatest photos. This method is real easy to do and it cost you nothing. It's all about exposure, so never stop trying to get work or been seen.


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