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How to name a song

Updated on January 24, 2012

It seems that throughout time we have lost the sense, or ability, to be able to name a song. In the past an artist would write a song and would name the song by what that song talked about, or by what kind of feelings that song represented to himself. These days it seems that the majority of the songs are named after which 2-4 words are mentioned the most in the song or by which group of 2-4 words will get the most traffic of people according to search engines statistics and that have some small connection with the song. I guess what we can get from this is that music has become a source of income rather than a channel of expression. Artists look for the subjects that will get the most people exited (like sex, women, drugs and alcohol) rather than expressing what the artist believes and thinks that in a way will find a connection with a group of people. Not only that, but also the lack of imagination and thought that is put into songs, many songs are just a group of random words from the same subject or it's incredibly similar to many other songs of it's kind. And it seems that they create a song of one and a half minutes and just repeat it in order to get a total time of three minutes and be able to put more tits and asses in the video. Instead of doing a well thought out song with music that took time and effort to create, artist are making simple insensitive songs with a repetitive beat and a catchy common or sexual subject. And if that is not enough they are giving them shitty names.

I guess that what I am trying to say, is that I miss the time when you could see an artist excel because he actually had something to say, he had talent, and he would break his ass achieving his dream. I don't like the new standards, they seem to be getting lower and lower everyday, and somehow people are losing interest on those hard working talented artists that have an opinion on something other than how he is going to bang his shawty or how in love he is with a 13 year old girl.

I'm sure we all miss having more songs which we can fall in love with rather than more songs that are easy to hook up with and sound cool when drunk.


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