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How to remix a song or make your own beats and music in Ableton Live

Updated on December 18, 2010

FL Studio


What softwares can you use to make your own music?

There are many softwares out there in the market. Also there are a lot of tutorials on using them and if you are really patient with it I am sure you will be making music in no time. So what I will do is present to you some of the softwares that are capable of making music and you can probably download a demo on-line and check it out. Also check out different video tutorials on-line and get to see how people are being creative with these softwares and what kind of things they get to do with them.

The easiest I would say would be FL studio. It already has basic presets and them more complicated parts are actually easy to learn. The interface actually looks like a video game for me. That's what makes it easy to use. I personally enjoy using Ableton Live. You can edit your music in real time and you can even warp different kinds of songs (I will explain that further later. Other softwares are Propellerhead Reason, Cubase SX, Garage Band, and many others. All these softwares are helpful in making your homemade music.

Ableton Live
Ableton Live

What kind of hardware will I need?

Many artists will tell you that it's not really about the equipment. You can do all of this even with just a decent sound card and even without any kind of hardware. You can even just record from the typical microphone used for chatting and with the right knowledge you will still come up with a decent mix.

But if you are interested in investing in hardware then you will need midi controllers, mixers, and different kinds of microphones for different uses. I am sure it is a good investment that you will be utilizing if you are really passionate in making your own music.

But as I have said, those who don't have the capabilities of buying these hardware yet should not be discouraged because making your own music or remixing can all be done even without them.

Time Warping
Time Warping

How will I remix?

You can use features in softwares such as time warping. Time warping allows you to speed up, slow down, and manipulate other features of the song. Then after that you will be able to add your own beats and synthesized or even recorded instruments and it will surely be in sync. You can also mash-up other songs with it for as long as you match them up with time warping.

You will also eventually need to experiment with other effects such as the equalizer (this will allow you to cut or increase low, mid, or high parts in the song as you wish), compressors, panning, flangers, phasers, reverb, and many others. Just experiment with them and eventually you'll know what they all do. 

I hope I have covered most of the basics. Eventually I'll post a more technical tutorial on exactly what to do and how you can use Ableton Live in making remixes or your own music.


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    • Injured lamb profile image

      Injured lamb 6 years ago

      Thanks for the great sharing of this hub, I have bookmarked it for future reference and let my two kids to learn from it...