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How you can become a supermodel

Updated on July 4, 2011

Making dreams a reality

Gracing the covers of Vogue magazine, parading the catwalks, travelling the world, being snapped by photographers constantly, oh the wonders of being a supermodel.

And who doesn't wish of becoming one? This job has all the perks. The star treatment, the attractive salary, the designer clothing, the great figure and desirable features, liasing with the rich and famous, being whisked off to exotic destinations... where does it possibly end?

So many young women from all areas of the world aspire to become a supermodel and have the lifestyle they dream of. However, due to the appeal of the job role it is no wonder there is such stiff competition.

So how does one stand a chance in such a competitive industry?

This is a question with many possible answers. There is a high level of competitors in the modelling industry so it can be rather frustrating at times and stressful. The feeling of being rejected is one an aspiring supermodel should get used to, because it may happen a lot before the big break.

Overcoming fear is a main factor in conquering this industry and you really must want it so bad that you'll do whatever it takes. Certain things can be done to give you more of a shot when you wish to become a supermodel, so take these things into account and you never know, it could be you on the next cover of Vogue!

Assessing your image

To begin with, stand in front of a mirror and take a long hard look at yourself. Everyone is different. Every figure, skin tone, facial features and personality. Distinguish what field would best suit you and embrace this. Do not try to imitate other supermodels that you idolise. It is good to have an idol to look up to, but often young women get attracted by the supermodel appearance and then lose confidence in their own.

It is important to be comfortable with your appearance and this is what the industry looks for. Think to yourself, 'Do I have a unique quality?'

The modelling industry is always looking for something different. Of course they do all have one thing in common, which is the outstanding aura they give off. But this is not enough to become a supermodel. You should want to become a supermodel because you are proud of you and you want to show that off to the world.

Think to yourself about what your aims and goals are. Be sure that you are certain this is the career move for you. Whether you get the big break or not it will take a lot of time and patience, so be sure you are willing to use up that time and not waste it.

Also, keep a note of your special qualities. If you have something you think an audience would like, then you are in with a shot because a new image is always greatly appreciated. Are you versatile? Because a supermodel should have the ability to take on different roles and imply different expressions into countless scenarios. It may be a good idea to practice your posing!

Supermodel requirements

This is probably the most important area to focus on, because if you do not possess these qualities then you may as well kiss the dream goodbye and stop kidding yourself. As harsh as it may sound, it is true.

The managers of big modelling companies do not employ just anyone. The model must fit the requirements and tick all the boxes, so it's better to know whether you stand a chance by knowing what those qualities are, than getting hopeful and being turned down.

Height & weight

To become a commercial female model you must be 5'6 to 5'11. For males this is 5'9 to 6'2.

However, for the more supermodel side of modelling (such as catwalk, editorial and fashion) the required height is 5'8 to 6'0 for a woman and 5'9 to 6'2 for men. However, Kate Moss breaks these rules at the height of 5'7, and despite this she is one of the most famous and wealthy supermodels in the industry. This is a rare occasion and does not happen often nowadays.

The required weight for women models is 90-120lb and for men 120-170lb.

So you can see, it's pretty strict and a little harsh. The fact that all of these supermodels must be a particular size has sparked worry for health and eating problems for young adults. But do not fret if you do not possess these qualities, because plus size modelling can be done from the height 5'8 to 6'2 and at a size of 10-18. Just remember, all sizes are beautiful.

Choose which category best suits you and make the most of it. You do not have to be like everyone you see in the magazines to be successful!

Personality & attitude

The personality and attitude of a model is just as important as any other part of the package. Being a supermodel means you will lead an extremely fast paced lifestyle.

You will be needed in various events across the globe in minimal time, you'll need to perfect your walk and constantly rehearse as well as practice changing outfits in under 60 seconds!

Also you'll need to stay healthy, trim and in shape which means a strict diet and exercise regime. All of this combined means the average supermodel will certainly need a strong backbone.

Being away from home, family and friends for long periods is a gruelling process. You should have a good work ethic, polite manners for when you meet authority figures, and overall be a very strong and positive person.

Some supermodels do not make the cut because in an interview or audition they may come across as flaky or unable to handle the pressure. You should be ready to take on whatever is thrown at you and be willing to do whatever it takes to be more successful.

This is a competitive industry and many young women and men want the job, so messing it up and not showing your full potential could lead to being replaced rather easily. It's a dog eat dog industry.

So how can I get the ball rolling?

If you are still reading and still hopeful, then great! Now you'll want to know how you can get your foot in the door and start the process to conquering the task ahead.

You can begin by scouring the web for some A list modelling agencies. Now be aware there are many scams out there. These scams are often people who just want your money, so steer clear. Any legitimate modelling agency will not request any form of money or investment from you. If they are serious about you and like your look, they will put out all the stops to make you successful.

Applications, applications, applications...

Find a list of reputable agencies with successful clients and send them some clear headshots of you. Many companies will allow you to do so by email or there will be a link to become a model on their website. This is a good way to get noticed. Try to include any previous background experience in modelling (if any) and a letter to show who you are and what your dreams and aspirations are.

Here is a site with a list of the trusted agencies and the named and shamed.

Chase up on your applications if you do not hear back in good time. The high volume of applicants will slow the process down, so it's good to be on top of your game. Do not be offended if you get rejected; simply ask for some constructive feedback that you can work on. The most successful supermodels got turned down at one point or another, it's just the way the industry works and you have to possess a little luck.

Get some experience

You should try to get some photo shoots to gain experience and confidence in front of a camera. This way you can work on what you are able to do and what you are not able to do. Try to get some photo shoots with a respected and trusted local photographer but be sure to take an adult or guardian with you. It is also good to get feedback from their previous clients.

Try to pull different poses and try different outfits. These are great to show to agencies. As good as it is to get some experience, it is not always essential. So be sure not to splash the cash too much as it is not extremely necessary to land the role. Some shoots can be done free if it benefits yours and the photographers’ portfolio, so enquire about this beforehand.

Sign up with casting agencies and websites

This is a fantastic way to get noticed into the industry. There are many online casting companies that allow you to sign up, place some photos and information about yourself and give any experience you may have in a particular field.

Some main companies who hire for television, commercial work and other job roles will look on these sites on a daily basis to spot fresh, new talent. So joining is certainly worth a shot. It may cost a monthly fee to join some, but this is to show you are serious about what you want.

Some examples of these are:

Don't give up!

If this is what you really want then don't let anyone tell you otherwise and chase your dreams. There is no stopping you when you put your mind to something, and the most highly respected people in this industry have had to work hard to get where they want to be.

Over time you will find that your confidence grows and you do not fear rejection. So think positive and start practicing your pose for that almighty Vogue cover!


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    • SuzyMonty profile image


      7 years ago

      I'm a mature model....Vogue don't seem use that age group...

      The hub is interesting...but applies really to young models.

    • BethanRose profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from South Wales

      Haha! I kinda agree with u, but some like miranda kerr..well she's gorgeous and is slim but not too thin, lovely figure. They should quit with the size zero thing,it sends out the wrong message

    • celebritie profile image


      7 years ago

      The quickest way to become a model is to be super thin, straight up and down, the more you look like your under-developed the better.

      Plus you can not smile and your face should always have a blank look on it. LOL

      At least that is how they look on most fashion runways !


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