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How to get revenge on a friend

Updated on September 14, 2011

Scaring someone s***less is great revenge

Getting back at your friends for pranks

Your friends welch on a bet, gave you a wedgie, or embarrassed you in front of a girl you have the hots for? Ohhh yeah, there are plenty of ways to get revenge.

Do things while they're sleeping

  • cut their hair off, or at least cut enough to make their hair look completely jacked
  • get out the old Sharpie and make their face look like a blind man's Jack-o-Lantern
  • dunk their hand in warm water--it'll make them piss their pants
  • throw a bug or a spider on their face

Make sure you have a camera or a videocam so you can show it to people.

Humiliate them in front of others

  • scare them so they squeal like a banshee
  • wedgies are always nice
  • whoopie cushion - an old trick, but fart humor is eternal
  • L is for laxatives - you've seen American Pie, right?

Here are some Web sites with lots of revenge ideas and products:

Revenge Guy

The Payback

Telespoof - $10 for 60 minutes; allows you to spoof someone else's caller ID

"Revenge is a dish best served cold"

...meaning, take a cold, calculated approach to methodically plan your revenge. The master of this in literature was the Count of Monte Cristo. Wrongfully imprisoned for 13 years after being framed by his former friends, he plans a masterful revenge on all of his conspirators. Worth reading...or watching if you have a short attention see how the ideal revenge is exacted on the Count's enemies.

(VIDEO) deer gets revenge

(VIDEO) some people take it way too far...

"Living well is the best revenge."

To get the pleasure of revenge, while not running afoul of the law or seeing your plans of vengeance backfire, you might want to focus on simply directing your energies to living the good life.

  • A co-worker screwed you over for a promotion?
  • Your wife left you for another man?
  • A friend bought the last ticket to the year's greatest concert out from under you?

For these scenarios, here are some forms of sweet revenge:

  • Jump ship, start your own company, strike it rich, and laugh all the way to the bank.
  • Make yourself a better man, inside and out, and marry the woman of your dreams.
  • Work on a plan that will allow you some face-to-face time with the band. Send a picture of yourself with the band to the friend who backstabbed you.\


(VIDEO) revenge can backfire! (rated PG)


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