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Hub Page profile for sale

Updated on December 9, 2013

Yes you read this title correctly, and I'm selling my Hub Page profile to anyone with the best offer. Interesting trades are also accepted, and given serious consideration. It's a win win situation to everyone involved in this once in a life time transaction. If the responses to this sale for some reason get too overwhelming, then the right is reserved to hold a silent sealed bid auction, which may have to be put into place. But that will only happen as a final resort.

With the Hub pages on the slide these days I decided it may be best to move on while the moving is still good. I don't see a whole lot of sense in hanging around here much longer, so I'm ready for someone else to fill in my shoes, and take over my Hub Page profile. I would hate to see three years of hard work on the Hub Pages go down the drain. I figured I might just head on over to that hot new site Bubblews, where they claim you can speak freely there. I wonder if they have rouge moderators running around over there as well?

The sale of my Hub Page profile includes everything, and anything associated with my Hub Page profile. To start with there's that handsome looking profile photograph, which you're more than welcome to use as is, with something else in Photoshop, or replace all together with a photo more to your own liking. But I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to replace that master piece of photography. Next you'll get that one of a kind name that you won't find anywhere else on the Hub Pages, much less in the world. Now as everyone should be well aware of by now, the name is permanent, and you can never change a profile name to anything else once you have made a choice. So choose wisely like I did with "Possum Lover", but then again who would want to change this awesome sounding profile name that somehow just rolls off of your tongue like music.

Next there's a star studded collection of eight accolades, which I've racked up over the past three years with my career on the Hub Pages. That's half of the 16 different accolades which the Hub Pages offers. You will also get all of my very special band of followers, and the great fan mail that they all left. There's a grand total now of 1,060 of these great people from my last count, and I owe what ever success I have had on the Hub Pages to all of these wonderful folks. Most of them joined me when I had the "Wonderful World Of Possums" hub which was the longest hub on all of the Hub Pages before they decided to classify it as "Irrevocable". That's okay with me now, after all it was getting out of hand. Finally you'll get all seven of my must read hubs, which includes this beauty. All of these must read hubs keep the reader coming back, and begging for more and more to read.

Have you ever considered buying someone else's hub?

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This entire hub was written as my own attempted jab at humor, but if there is still someone out there who would like to make an offer on my hub or if you have an interesting trade in mind then please include it in the comment section below :)

Have a Happy Possum Day!!!!!
Have a Happy Possum Day!!!!!


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    • Sumi-Main profile image

      Sumi 2 years ago from India

      Interesting, Humorous hub indeed..! :-) I just laughed reading it.. It's a different approach I felt..!

    • profile image

      kjforce 4 years ago

      PossumLover...Saw this and had to comment..Obviously no one took you up on your offer and I see by the " Fan Mail " you appear to have had a change of heart...I do have one thing to offer though..As writers we put our thoughts/experiences out there for the world to read, if nothing else people can realize that they are not AlONE..and sometimes that is the best MEDICINE.. a doc can give...seize the day !!

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 4 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      My favorite is the Carolina Mud Cats, great logo and name! I'd be proud to be a Mud Cat or even a Sludge Rat or maybe Smudge Splat or perhaps Fudge Bat, woah I'm a poet and didn't even know it, cuz my rhymes are right on time, Ho I'm on a roll and can't stop the flow but alas its all for show!

    • possum lover profile image

      possum lover 4 years ago from the backwoods just to the North of South Carolina

      Interesting out look somethgblue, and also I think I might just accept TheHoleStory's offer of a used minor league baseball jersey. LOL :)

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 4 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Considering your pathetic display of literary work ( I have unpublished twice as many Hubs than you have created in 3 years ) you might consider paying someone to take over your profile. Sort of like paying a local handyman to haul off your useless junk.

      Let's see 7 hubs in 36 months equals one Hub every five months, WOW your on a roll . . . why quit now, oh yeah I get it after accumulating an impressive amount of followers you finally realize . . . you suck!

      Just kidding, after all this was a humorous hub was it not?

      Long boring Hub articles not withstanding, what truly do you have to offer besides the accumulation of a thousand followers . . . have any of them move beyond the sixth grade yet?

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 4 years ago from Ohio, USA

      My subdomain is a PR4. That should have some value.

      I just checked yours: PR = zero.

      It will get better. Link to it from Bubblews.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

      Sadly things are not what they used to be ;thank you for sharing and voting up.

      Great read.


    • TheHoleStory profile image

      TheHoleStory 4 years ago from Parsons, West Virginia

      I see that this particular hub of yours Possum didn't waste anytime racking up a whole bunch of comments. Well it's time for me once again to throw in my two cents on this sale of the century. I have a very interesting trade for you in exchange for your unique hub page profile. I'll trade you a dirty shirt from the little known minor league baseball player Ken Farrish. This one of a kind baseball jersey still has the grass stains on it from his only game with the Blue Birds. When it comes to filling in your big shoes here at the hub pages, I'm sure I won't disappoint you........P.S. This one time offer won't last for long.

    • denden mangubat profile image

      denden mangubat 4 years ago from liloan, cebu, philippines

      is this legal here or are you just making a joke?

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 4 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Yeah! BTW, what is your asking price? Is this legal, Mr. Possum Lover? If it is, I sense a huge and mad dash to the auction site! I think a lot of hubbers would follow your suggestion.

      I'm sorry I just found that you're thinking of leaving. Or was your comment about leaving, all a part of your attempt at humor?

      I read your hub about Cat facts.....interesting.

      Good luck...whatever you decide to do!..UP+++

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      really? How much can you earn selling your profile? I doubt the new owner could write any good hubs as yours.

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 4 years ago from Orlando, FL

      What a great idea! We could hold a HubPage Community Auction! I hope you get your asking price for your HubPage profile! :)

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 4 years ago from Massachusetts

      Great funny hub, a lot of hubber are feeling this way HubPages is just not what it use to be.