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Hugh Jackman: World Tour 2019

Updated on January 21, 2019
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Leland is a movie lover from way back! He offers tasteful critiques and original insights to help you make an informed viewing decision.

Hugh Jackman World Tour 2019

The Man who has Everything

The man who has everything? It's a true statement, so far as it pertains to entertainment skills.

Whether he's playing the part of the Wolverine with muscles ripped to the max or portraying Jean' val Jean, Jackman gives 100% with every performance.

In this most recent extravaganza, Hugh is touring the world with a live orchestra singing songs from his most recent hit film The Greatest Showman as well as numbers from Les Miserables. The price will be a little on the high side for some, but for die-hard fans this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Hugh doing what he does best- singing and entertaining.

If you're a fan of Hugh's musical work like Les' Mis, the broadway hit Oklahoma (Hugh plays Curly and has permed hair), or The Greatest Showman which features one hit after another in close succession, then this show is for you!

Concert Times and Locations

Other Jackman Extravaganzas!

Hugh is known for putting on lavish, zany events where he pulls people from the audience and invites them onstage. Part of the fun would be wondering if you might be one of the lucky ones! Below are a few videos highlighting, not just the singing aplomb of Jackman, but his mischevious, fun side as well.

Luck be a Lady

Wonderful Commercial Featuring Hugh Jackman Singing and Dancing

The boy from Rio

Show Ticket Prices

This is a tough one. Nose bleed seats are going for as low as $85 while primo seats are going for as high as $1400. I know, I know. No one is really worth that much; however, even though the cheap seats are still a bit pricey for my taste (and budget) I'll still be dropping hints to my wife around my birthday. Actually, maybe I should start now as my birthday isn't until half way through summer!

Even with the exorbitant prices I can still see myself forking out the money. After all, how often to I get out to a broadway style show, let alone one that features my favorite entertainer? IMHO- it's worth it.

More Information on Hugh...

I am including links to other articles I've written about Hugh Jackman. He is indeed an interesting character who proves that your beginnings, no matter how humble, do not have to dictate the trajectory of your life. Our successes and failures are NOT predetermined and Jackman is a great example of that sentiment.

Born the youngest of 5, Hugh's parents broke up when he was just a toddler. Intermittent visits from his "mum" left him confused and fearful. Regardless, he overcame these early obstacles and thrived as a young man given to kindness, high energy, decency and faithfulness to his wife.

If you go...

Should you happen to go to Hugh's 2019 tour I would love to hear how it was from a first hand observer. So come back for a visit and give us all the details!



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