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Hulu Plus VS Netflix: A Comparison

Updated on July 16, 2012

Netflix and Hulu Plus are both video streaming programs that can be viewed from a computer or a compatible device. While Netflix has been around longer than Hulu Plus, there are differences and similarities between the two. Some like Netflix better while others like Hulu Plus better. The similarities of the two include: they both offer television episodes and movies to stream from the Internet and they both offer affordable pricing. However, the differences are many and include the following.


While Netflix and Hulu Plus both offer television episodes and movies to stream from the Internet, Netflix is the only one out of the two which offers DVD's by mail. However, the DVD's by mail subscription used to be included in with the $7.99 per month offer along with streaming television episodes and movies from the Internet. Now, it is a separate subscription which will cost you an additional $7.99 per month on top of the streaming movies and television episodes. Hulu does not offer DVD's by mail so with this comparison, Netflix wins as long as you don't mind paying the extra $7.99 per month fee for the DVD's by mail.

User Friendly

Both Netflix and Hulu Plus are user friendly. Both of them have a search function where you can search for what you want to watch. They also both have the top movies and television shows that you can choose from and they both have when you use the search function, sometimes you only have to type part of the name of the movie or show and it will pop up on the side. Which one is more user friendly? With this part, it is a tie between the two. Anyone can use these services with ease.

Compatible Devices

Out of the two services, Netflix has been around the longest and therefore has the most compatible devices one can use when watching shows and movies on it. They both have a lot of devices they work on and they both are able to be used on computers. They can even both be used on Android tablets and phones and iOS devices. If you buy a Roku Player, you can access both Netfix and Hulu Plus as well as many more programs and services. They can both be used on gaming consoles. However, Netflix wins this part because it allows for viewing on more devices.


Netflix has over 100,000 titles which consists of DVD's, Blu Ray and television and movies on demand. Hulu Plus will not say exactly how many titles they have. The only difference with Hulu Plus and Netflix is that Netflix doesn't show commercials when Hulu Plus has limited commercial interruption. However, Hulu Plus has more updated television shows and movies than Netflx. This means Hulu Plus shows the most updated television shows and movies. With Netflix you have to wait until the current season is over before getting to watch it.

The winner here with the amount of titles has to be Netflix because Hulu Plus won't say how many titles they have. However, Hulu Plus wins when it comes to updated television and movies.


Both services offer membership perks. However, Netflix offers the most. The only good thing that Hulu Plus offers when it comes to membership perks is the ability to watch the most recent episodes as soon as they air. Netflix allows members to rate the content they view, no commercial interruptions, a list of what you have recently watched and the ability to freeze your account in case you can't pay right away or go on vacation. In this case Netflix wins with the most membership perks.


When using Hulu Plus on your computer to watch television episodes and movies, you need certain things on your computer to be able to view it. You will need the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player, Internet Explorer 7 or above, Safari or Chrome or Firefox 2 or above. You also need Java or cookies enabled. Netflix only requires you to have a minimum speed of 500 KPS for the best viewing results.

For this one, Netflix wins because you don't need a whole lot to view it on your computer.


With Netflix increasing their prices and now charging two separate prices for their DVD's by mail and streaming television episodes and movies online, many people are turned off by this. However, Hulu Plus has commercials which also turns many people off from using them. If you can tolerate just a little bit of commercial interruption then Hulu Plus is the way to go because they are cheaper. However, Hulu Plus does not provide DVD's by mail.

Overall Winner

For many people, Netflix is still the best even though they have increased their prices. Although many people like the ability to watch the most recent television shows on Hulu, they still don't like the fact that Hulu Plus has commercial interruptions. Netflix also wins because of the ability to freeze your account and to be able to watch whatever you want, whenever you want without commercial interruption.

You can even have both if you have the money to pay for both. If you think about it, having both of these or even one of these is a lot cheaper and a lot better than cable or satellite. If you don't have a gaming console and don't want to use your computer to watch television shows and movies, buy a Roku Player which will allow you to stream both of these if you prefer. This is a great way to get your favorite television episodes and movies without having to pay a huge cable or satellite bill every month. By using these services you can cut one more bill out of your monthly budget and save a ton of money. If you prefer watching on your computer, there are wires you can attach from your computer to your television to be able to use these services and watch them on the big screen.


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