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Humans, Wolves & Paradise - a theory inspired by Wolf's Rain (anime)

Updated on December 3, 2013
Copyright © 2003 by Bones.
Copyright © 2003 by Bones. | Source
Cheza with her arms around Kiba
Cheza with her arms around Kiba | Source

Humans, Wolves and Paradise

A theory written by Richard Mawby © (Copyright 2013 ), inspired by an anime titled Wolf's Rain.

‘Humans were born from wolves’, is an interesting statement from a recent anime I watched called Wolf’s Rain. Another notion expressed; ‘Although some may find their way back to their roots, many are lost and no longer possess the ability to revert’ – not exact words but explains the idea behind the original statement.
I find the above notions fascinating as they describe the truth behind our existence and where we are today.

First of all, think back to our wild days, the hunter-gather lifestyle where we lived alongside nature and appreciated all living things. This is where I believe the ‘wolf’ comes into perspective. We were wild like a wolf, lived in packs (communities) like a wolf and lived with the wilderness, moving with what nature provided for us and appreciated its gifts. It was after we began to settle and societies formed, along with larger populations that we began to deviate from our roots, the moment we became ‘human’ as described in the anime. We left nature behind and rather than preserve and appreciate, we began to destroy and annihilate anything in our path that was simply in our way with little regard for anything but ourselves.

We left the wolves behind and in turn made them our enemy, later driving them to near extinction, extinguishing our roots and thereby eliminating any easy means of returning to our wild and free lifestyle within the paradise that nature had provided us; this now destroyed and ruined by our selfish hands.

An interesting interpretation of this within the anime, is one of the cities where the ‘nobles’ ruled the population. People walked their daily lives, unable to deviate and discover their true desires, and trapped by the society they lived in; walking like robots among thousands of fellow citizens. It also describes the nobles attempting to create paradise themselves… maybe this is what our society attempts to impose on us – a false paradise that we believe we can find happiness; we are merely disillusioned and have simply fallen for the trap in which society wishes us to remain within, never free from the prying fingers of control that attempt to maintain a hold upon our daily lives.

If we can trace the ‘wolf’ inside of us, maybe we still stand a chance at returning to our original existence… This is where I believe the idea of ‘paradise’ as described throughout the anime holds some ground.

Although it was the wolves themselves seeking paradise and this paradise led to the rebirth of the world (which was shown as the true paradise), I believe it also describes a hidden trait within many of us, a sense of loss within the world we live in now, and a hidden urge to strive for something that is unknown to us; a ‘paradise’ where we are free to achieve our own desires and goals in life and detach from society as we know it.

Maybe the wolves are those of us who have reached a sense of consciousness where such ideals of life are tangible to our minds – those of us who have been able to revert to our origins and therefore the only ones who can lead the way towards the ultimate paradise; as described in the anime ‘wolves alone are the key to paradise’.

It could be those of us who are once more ‘wolves’ among our population who can reach the paradise we seek, those who have accepted our origins and due to our higher consciousness can perceive and through pure instinct, interpret the path in which we must follow to reach our destination; and maybe that time is upon us, a time when many people are awakening, and the prophesised end of the world could be interpreted as humans themselves reborn into something we were always meant to become, stalled by the society which has held us captive for many centuries or even millennia.

So embrace this new era, welcome it and find those who can lead the way into this new world; a place where we can be at peace, be at one with nature, appreciate everything that surrounds us and ultimately discover the unknown destination we all wish to embrace… paradise.


Wolf's Rain although at times is hard to follow, sad and emotional, it is an inspiring anime that I believe can be interpreted in many other ways than what I describe above.

If you would like to know more about the anime mentioned in this article, please click here.

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    • RichardMawby profile image

      Richard Mawby 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks for the comment Nightlife. It does indeed. There are other things I could go into that the anime inteprets but I better not start an essay in comments box lol.

    • Nightlife-nerd profile image

      Bruce Stoelzel 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      I remember Wolves Rain from back in the day from it's run on Adult Swim. Was always one of those series that just makes you stop and think.