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Ponderings: On Humility

Updated on September 5, 2016
marcoujor profile image

With a Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) from University of Pennsylvania in 1985, Maria uses a love for music in working with others.

Project Good Words
Project Good Words | Source

My Inspiration

In 2014, Jo_Goldsmith11 took it upon herself to initiate the Light2Love Project Good Words.

Jo pledged to use good words and publish articles used to empower, encourage, support and defend those who need to be shown love.

Jo offered us a good word for each week to focus our thoughts, behaviors and actions on...In the 17th week, Jo wrote her perspective on the word humility.

However, as 2014 came to an end, Jo filed away her Good Word articles - as she begins the process of publishing it in e-book'. Shyron E. Shenko continues to write a beautiful poem to accompany each Good Word to inspire and lead us.

The ripple effect of the Good Words Project throughout the HubVille community has been heartwarming.

Please join me with some of my musical thoughts and reflections on the word humility...

Humble leaders are free to build up others.

Arrogant leaders build up themselves.

Kate Bush: This Woman's Work

The field of nursing is as immense as a field of wild flowers. There is a specialty for every personality type. When students are exceedingly shy around people and highly anxious by nature, they are not likely to enter behavioral health nursing.

That being said, I was a shy and anxious nurse, who found the confidence to enter this challenging field, largely due to a phenomenal instructor I had in college.

Today we are the best of friends. When we meet for lunch, restaurants dim the lights and we realize we've been at it for hours...!

Leadership is first about character then about skills.

Spend more time developing the practice of humility and leadership skills will come.

Bread: Diary

Alice, back then 'Mrs. Brogan', helped me get comfortable in my own skin and believed that I could work with those having mood or thought disorders. She actually helped me understand I could do anything I had a true passion for... Then and now, Alice is very much comfortable in her own skin.

Today I keep mental diaries of my students as I observe them through their clinical rotation in behavioral health. This is the fuel for my one-on-one evaluation session, one of my favorite experiences with them.

I am thrilled when anxious students "grow their courage" over the weeks, as I have been told.

Humility joins;

arrogance stands aloof.

John Coltrane: Body and Soul

I am heartened when students universally identify how mental illness is equal opportunity in regards to social, economic, occupational, and other characteristics - ie) not something that happens to others, rather any of us.

I am ecstatic when students understand that every client has emotional issues, no matter what they are being treated for - when you look at a person holistically...their mind, body and spirit.

But every diary is as different as every potential nurse...and every day what I learn and experience through their eyes truly humbles me.

Humility opens hearts;

arrogance builds walls.

Audrey Hunt (vocalcoach)

Audrey Hunt
Audrey Hunt | Source

Bette Midler: Wind Beneath My Wings

Heart and Humility

Audrey Hunt inspires me with her voice in every sense of the word...she writes, sings, plays the piano and emotes straight from her beautiful and huge heart - truly like no one else on HubPages. And yet, it wasn't until recently, that I learned of Audrey's humility.

You may also know my friend as vocalcoach. In her latest piece of writing she wrote:

"This is my first writing challenge on Hubpages. I thought long and hard about taking Bill Holland's writing challenge. I just wasn't sure I'd be able to do justice to the lovely photo of The Woman On The Mountain Top (Bev, Bill's wife.)

My own self-doubt and lack of confidence bubbled into a lather washing my last bit of courage away. Then as the day progressed I found myself mentally repeating Bill's words. 'This is an exercise for writers.' Okay. So this is an opportunity for me to grow as a writer. I've got to do this. I'm a teacher and I realize the value of exercises. For me they are the building blocks to knowledge.

So, with humility, I begin my story with thanks to Bill for being The Wind Beneath My Wings."

(Ironically, I planned to use Bette Midler's iconic song for the Good Word of humility, because it reminds me of Alice, my mentor and friend.)

Audrey, thank you for inspiring me with everything you write, including this first writing challenge. I have shared just a few of your posts below but a look at your profile will show so much more for anyone looking for inspiration, information or excellent writing.

During this season of Thanksgiving I am grateful for you and the good friends we have made in this amazing community, dear Audrey.

Hugs, peace and the best of good health to all this season. Until next week, mar

© Maria Jordan (November, 2014)


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