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Hunger Games Catching Fire Review

Updated on March 9, 2014

Cast Of The Hunger Games



This movie is the much-anticipated sequel to the original movie, ‘The Hunger Games’. These are based on the trilogy of books by the author ‘Suzanne Collins’, and there will be one more movie coming very soon! So the movie is a lot different than the original, without spoilers we can see the differences from the trailer and that it concentrates much less on the time spent in the arena and much more time on the event beforehand incurred by the original movie.

We see it opens very dramatically in a vast, open snow-filled environment and leads us to believe things have became worse instead of better. The pair of false ‘lovebirds’ are going on their victory tour and before we see that ‘Katniss’ (Jennifer Lawrence) was greeted and warned by ‘President Snow’ (Donald Sutherland) that he does not ‘buy’ the love story. Very soon the tour commences and we can see the horror of life as the districts rebel severely to the pre-written speeches.

The capital is still calling all of the shots and can the 75th Hunger Games, which is a special Quarter Quell (every 25 years). Can this change the nation of Panem? The storyline is unfortunately slow and parts of it are left undeveloped. I think that they may have stretched this movie out a bit with unnecessary shots of the landscape, and fragments of the tour which did not effect the over all story line at all. This was deeply disappointing as it had potential to lead onto the next movie but failed in doing so.

For myself, this felt like more of a filler movie until the next one and it did not deserve the press it got compared to some of the other movies that were release during 2013.

Hunger Games Catching Fire Official Trailer

Final Verdict

The movie left me feeling empty and unsatisfied after viewing it and it did not keep the viewer on the edge of their seat throughout. It had some good moments but overall felt dragged out. Combined with the fact that the storyline was undeveloped for a majority of topics from the prequel to this, and I would say that it is not worthy of the high praises that were sung for it.

However, for older children and teenagers it may prove different as they can be grasped by the cheap 'Hollywood' tricks and many do not care much for the main storyline and plot. This leads me to believe that it was indeed based for the children audience and not the older adults. Overall I feel that this movie was only worth of a 7/10 because of the outlined problems.

The Tour

Fact Attack

  • Jennifer Lawrence’s salary jumped from $500,000 to $10 million before the making
  • Took In $423.1 Million in the United States Box Office
  • Release for DVD on March 7th 2014 worldwide
  • The cast and film crew worked for 14-hours a day and for 6 days a week.


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    • mgeorge1050 profile image


      4 years ago from West Georgia

      Good review, keep up the good work.


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