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Hurry Home, JMC

Updated on October 13, 2009


Who knew that when Jason MIchael Carroll helped to write his current single titled Hurry Homeit would set him up to be aligned with The National Runaway Switchboard. His song is about a young girl who runs away from home and finds herself later on outside a bar wanting and wishing to be home when she picks up the phone to call home to learn she can always come home. Jason found himself closer to home on this issue  when a family member, His aunt, Ran away when he himself was just a child. He was quoted as Saying "I remember every night going to bed and saying a prayer for her safe return home" One day his prayers were answered when while visiting he answered the phone to hear his aunt say She was coming home.

This is a ever growing epidemic in our country where between 1.8 and 2.6 million runaways each year. The National Runaway Switchboard was designed to help families and runaways get information and have a safe place to turn when not knowing what else to expect. By phoning 1-800-RUNAWAY they have a place to turn to when no one else will listen.

In many instances a childs life is saved and in some cases a child isnt. You can help by enlisting your community help by spreading the word. Pass it along to someone you might think is in trouble and let them know there is a safe place to turn. With a little help we might be able to save a child from making a big mistake.


Established in 1971 to help with the intervention crisis going on in Chicago to help with 24 hour services. In 1974 The NRS received a 8 month grant to establish a national hotline, During this time the center received 11,000 phone calls in regards to needing this type of service. Since that time the NRS has grown in its capabilities and services each year. It is now accepting more than a 100,000 phone calls each and every year.

The center doesn't only allow calls from just inside the The United States but also its territories. Including Puerto Rico, The U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam. The NRS is funded by The Family and Youth Services Bureau In the Administration for Children and Families. Also contributing are the US Dept of Health and Human Services. And the generosity of private funders, Individual contributions, fundraising, and grants.

The NRS Provides educational materials and solution focused interventions. They allow non judgemental support and honor confidentiality. They collaberate with volunteers and responds to At Risk Youth 24 hours a day.

Through NRS

Through NRS families and youth can call the hotline anytime of day or night and are put in touch with someone who can help work their problems out either by Social Service Agencies or by a local organization.Some who call the hotline are just looking for someone to talk to and others who call the hotline are looking for a homeless shelter,food or medical or just some counseling.

Some who call the shelter are out on the street wether its 90 degree's or 30 degree's and looking for some kind of assistance. The employ 22 people and 15-20 Board of Directors and 150 and more Volunteer's.

Using NRS

NRS isnt just for children who are out on the street seeking help but from many other resources such as a School teacher who is concerned about a student and maybe seeking some information on how she might be able to help the student, A mother who has a child acting out and is needing some assistance on how to manage the problem. Or perhaps its a child who has ran away from home and needs some assistance on finding a warm bed for the night. It could be a sibling looking for help for their younger or older brother or sister or maybe its an Aunt worrying about her nephew and what trouble he might be in himself.

They offer these services to someone calling the hotline:

Crisis Intervention,
Message Relay
Conferance Calling
Home Free With Conjuction of Greyhound Bus Lines
Prevention, Education and Outreach
Information and Referral
Online resources

Simply by calling 1-800-RUNAWAY!


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