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Hybrid - Cover Band Central's "Spotlight Artist of the Week" for 04/08/14

Updated on April 10, 2017

While some cover bands specialize in a particular genre, most will include popular songs from different eras in their set lists. This practice isn't always effective, as it can sometimes be confusing to fans and club-goers as to what the band is all about. That is, unless you give folks a heads-up right in the name of your band. Such is the case with New York's Hybrid.

Led by singer Cat Garlo, Hybrid incorporates hit songs from the last several decades, and puts a little twist on the familiar. While the band will play some popular songs straight up like the record (as seen in the video below), they're also known to include unique renditions, mash-ups, and extended melodies of many of music history's most beloved tunes.

There are many musicians all over the world that make a living playing in cover bands. But the majority of players are supplementing their day jobs or careers by just playing on occasion. Vocalist Cat Garlo is among one of the select few that not only juggles a day job, but puts in the time and effort to make sure she's covering all bases with her band.

A former tour and travel manager for working bands, Cat holds down a day gig as a fitness instructor, runs a travel service, and employs a team of musicians to represent the Hybrid cover band at multiple locations within the tri-state area. Her dedication to presenting a quality presentation has led her and her band to increased popularity among fans and contemporaries alike.

The energy and enthusiasm that Garlo and co. present, along with a wide variety of good time, party songs, keeps crowds engaged and dancing at their shows. Not every band can pull off performing an 80's classic, and then segue into a modern Top 40 hit, but Hybrid not only gets by, but they show how it's done right.

As stated on its website, "HYBRID Cover Band always has a new sound to explore, a new verse to test and a new method of approach in marrying these influences harmoniously." Many bands don't put in the time or effort to do things differently. In fact, some are completely reluctant to stray from the tried and true methods of your basic cover bands. But Cat Garlo and Hybrid show that with some care, a bit of work, and a passion for music, that a cover band can not only stand out from the crowd, but do it in such a way that is both unique and entertaining.

For more info on Hybrid, visit their website at

You can also check out their Facebook Page here.

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